Active thinks RunSignup is like Running in Sandals

Active just published a page and sent a mass email to a lot of Race Directors. Our inboxes exploded immediately, and I (Bob Bickel, the founder) thought I would clarify a few things.

First, the picture of me holding some tire sandals. These are actually two pairs of sandals made from tires that I got in Tanzania when I was visiting my daughter Allison. In the background, you can see a picture of Mzee followed by a couple of school kids. If you look closely, you will see Mzee is wearing these tire sandals (and carrying a very long knife in case of wild life).

Mzee worked at the Orkeeswa school Allison worked at for a year. It was in Monduli, a remote Maasai village (her home and school had no running water and only pit toilets – it was remote). She started a running program after school, raised money to take the group to the Kilimanjaro Marathon. When I came over we ran with Mzee to map a cross country course for the first XC meet in Tanzania.

I only wish I was as cool as Mzee to run in sandals like he did. I got two pairs to bring home as a memory. So I take running in sandals as a big compliment! Thank you Active!

Anyway, here is the heart of the matter. Active says they know what you need. They also apparently disagree with our business model and suggest it is not so good for you. Looks like they took down this part after my blog post:

They make three statements that are actually core, conscious decisions we have made as part of our strategy to help customers:

We Don’t Spam Customers – You own your data. We do not. We offer you a TON of viral marketing tools for free, including free email, free website, and some really cool programs like Referral Rewards and Swag Rewards. We offer tons of education like webinars, 2 annual Symposiums and the best help documentation and videos available. Since we are an open platform, lots of marketing companies love to work with us if you want some help, you can work with companies like Big Run Media and EventGrow as well as a timer network that includes over 300 Certified Timers.

Low Fees – We have public pricing that is probably the lowest in the industry, with public volume pricing in our partner contract. We offer a TON of features – and they are all free with the exception of the RaceDay Scoring Suite, which is for timers and the RaceJoy app. We and the 21,000 races who used us over the past 12 months think we offer pretty good value.

Open Platform – Yes, we have some nice integrations with others, but that does not mean we don’t have a great CRM offering or that the races who send over 20 Million emails a month via our free email system are not pretty good. And open is who we are. Open API. Open pricing. Open self serve platform available to all of our customers.

Anyway, for those who have a memory, this page from Active is pretty ironic. And we got a good laugh at it…

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