RaceJoy Self Serve for Race Directors

You can now easily add RaceJoy capabilities to your race. RaceJoy is now a first level menu option in your Race Director Dashboard, with a wizard that allows you to do a number of things including creating a map, selecting a buy-out option, and uploading logos and sponsor information. Map Building This is now in […]

Migrating Races to RunSignUp – Runner Self Serve

We have had a number of races move to RunSignUp from other systems. To ease the move, we provide a way of importing past runners. This allows you to do year over year comparisons. It also allows you to move races in the middle of registration – so some runners were entered in another system […]

Enhanced Self-Serve Add-On Management

We have added some big refinements to allow race directors to customize how runners can manage their add-ons. This let’s a runner remove an item (note there is not a refund for these), and buy additional add-ons (if they remove items and buy other items in the same transaction they do get credit for the […]

Reserved Entries Upgrade

We have made a major upgrade to Reserved Entries. These are useful for many use cases: Invite specific participants to register for your race even after it is closed or full. Set a special price for a certain person – for example an elite athlete. An alternative to the Loyalty Program to invite past participants […]

July 2020 RunSignup | GiveSignup Numbers

We had been doing weekly updates on the numbers we are seeing since the pandemic began. We ended that in Week 18, and are shifting to monthly updates. The monthly update is meant to give stats that are useful to the endurance and nonprofit communities we serve, but also to bridge the gap between our […]

Eventbrite Q1 Earnings Report – COVID Edition

Wow! Eventbrite said yesterday that transaction volume in March was down 90% and was still down 85% in early May, 2020. Before we get into the analysis, here are the links: Q1 Earnings Press Release Q1 Letter to Shareholders Earnings Call Transcript The news they shared was simply extraordinary, and made us feel good about […]

RunSignup Signs Contract for the Web

Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the Internet, announced the Contract for the Web today. RunSignup has endorsed the contract and pledges to live up to the ideals of a better web. Much of the founding principles of RunSignup came from Open Source principles that are essentially the same as what Tim outlines. We felt […]

Active thinks RunSignup is like Running in Sandals

Active just published a page and sent a mass email to a lot of Race Directors. Our inboxes exploded immediately, and I (Bob Bickel, the founder) thought I would clarify a few things. First, the picture of me holding some tire sandals. These are actually two pairs of sandals made from tires that I got […]

EventBrite IPO and Implications for the Race Registration Market

EventBrite had a sparkling (pun intended!) IPO debut this week. They sold over $230M of stock and their fully diluted valuation now hovers around $3.4 Billion. Their S1 filing with the SEC provides a treasure trove of information that is very interesting to registration companies like RunSignUp. This will have implications that will impact the […]

RunSignUp CRM: CliffsNotes

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is technology that lets you manage your interactions with customers and potential customers. In the endurance market, CRM is evolving from a buzzword to a tangible technology that race directors need. Your participants are your customers, and you need to promote your race(s) and deliver customer service to your current, past, […]

What is CRM for Races?

See more on CRM: RunSignUp CRM Vision RunSignUp CRM Offering Why a Race CRM? CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a term that has been around since the 1990’s when Siebel used it to position their software for sales organizations. Today, CRM has become a hot topic for races who are looking to maximize their […]

Designed for Growth

RunSignUp has become the largest endurance registration company in the US with over 15,000 races using us to register over 4.2 Million participants. Our growth continues to build as more races use us, and our technology platform grows to help races across their race lifecycle from Promotion to Registration to Fundraising to Race Day, all […]

Content Websites vs. Data Driven Websites

A race’s website is their primary means of branding a race, the promotional tool to draw runners, and communicate with participants about important information. Many race website suffer from one or more of the following problems: Old, insecure Not mobile ready Costly to update No one to update Disjointed, inconsistent user experience when jumping between […]

RunSignUp – Built for the Long Run

I (Bob) have taken a bunch of vacation time and had minor surgery that required time off, so I’ve had time to do a lot of reading (Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton (great play!) and Ben Bernanke’s Courage to Act and a bunch of web stuff). I tend toward tech, business and economics reading and the collection of […]

Create User and Race API Extensions

Warning: This is for developers. We have extended our OpenAPI to allow for Race and User Creation and editing. This API is being used by a couple of advanced users who have their own applications that have a need for creating races and users outside of the RunSignUp user interface. This is a powerful capability […]

Club Membership Management

We have added the capability for a club member to manage their membership better. Now you can: Renew Membership Add Members to a Family type of membership that allows multiple members Remove Members from a Family type of membership Cancel a Membership (no refunds) Cancel and then Change to a New Membership level. This is […]

Happy Festivus: A 2020 Airing of Grievances

It’s been a few years since we’ve posted a Festivus blog…but we have to admit, we have a lot of grievances this year. So, in celebration of 2020 Festivus… Runners…We have a problem with constant desire for a race to be fun. Because of you, and the limitations on things like parties this year, we had to […]

GiveSignup – The New Alternative for Nonprofit Ticket Events

GiveSignup has steadily built a ticket platform that’s purpose-built for nonprofits and serves as a modern alternative to Eventbrite, Crowdrise, Classy, and Blackbaud. GiveSignup Tickets is built on the core RunSignup platform, with the same payment processing integrity and cutting edge features that continuously improve. There are a number of reasons to move to GiveSignup for your […]

Q&A: RunSignup Raises $2.6 Million in Series A Funding from Payroc for Strategic Initiatives

RunSignup, Inc. is pleased to announce that an investment affiliate of Payroc will become a minority investor and the Company will begin using Payroc as a preferred payment processing platform. Payroc is making a minority investment in the RunSignup|GiveSignup business to help fund the continued rapid expansion of the RunSignup customer base and provide additional […]

RunSignup | GiveSignup Business Blueprint

We often get asked about the reasons for our success achieving 25-30% market share in the endurance market. And as we enter the Nonprofit market with GiveSignup, people are wondering where we fit and whether we will have success there as well. This will be a long blog about the blueprint we have followed for […]

Eventbrite Q2 2020 Earnings

We have always eagerly studied Eventbrite since they are a company with a business model very similar to ours – earning money based solely on processing fees for events (and for us nonprofit donations). During their Q1 report, we learned how COVID-19 was impacting their business. And we have been awaiting these numbers as we […]

RunSignup July Newsletter

Fun with Challenges Virtual Challenges got another round of updates this month, with more digital rewards in the form of milestones, badges, and milestone notifications. With all the rapid releases to Challenges over the previous months, we decided it was a good time take stock of some of the creative and innovative ways that customers […]

Guest Blog – Should I Insure My Virtual Race?

Guest blog from Scott Sutter of Strategic Risk Transfers. He is a race director and is in the insurance business. He has been working on getting this product together for the past couple of months and is excited to share the news about Virtual Race insurance and how they have leveraged the RaceJoy technology as […]

Engaging Sponsors During COVID-19

As more and more events go virtual, we’re seeing an increase in conversation around the role of sponsors with virtual or modified events. We have collected some of the best ideas we’ve seen, and will break down our insight on sponsors during COVID-19 in this blog. Note: while most of these ideas are universal, many […]

RunSignup April Newsletter

Make Money, Save Money The novel coronavirus has rocked the endurance industry, freezing in-person events and the income stream that comes with them.  While the future is unknown, we are seeing a rebound – not because things are returning to normal, but because the industry is full of innovative and resourceful race directors, timers, and […]

Race Registration Market Analysis

We usually do a Race Registration Market Analysis twice a year. We usually include a bunch of stats from different sources to compare the various registration platforms and track general industry trends. Usually, we publish the spring one in March. This year is obviously different because the Coronavirus really started impacting normal life in the […]

RunSignup’s Optimist’s Perspective for the Endurance Community

Things are bad. Period. Our Weekly Updates cover the overall net pain of revenue across our community falling off a cliff. This mean many people do not have the income to pay their bills or pay their employees – resulting in horrible personal choices and experiences. And the customers we serve are isolated at home […]

Community Roundup 4/08/20: Fundraising Efforts

We’re checking in regularly to see what the endurance community is doing to keep the industry running forward in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. For more ideas, view creative virtual events, virtual challenges, and creative use of the Postponement Tool. This time, we’re taking a look at a few creative solutions for raising money […]

Understanding the Financial Summary Page

Races have a Financial Summary page that has drawn more attention than usual. Let’s take a look at a simple use case to understand the basics. We will also take a look at the Payment Account, which is where you can see your estimated next payment. Transactions: $62,836.27 – This line is the total transactions […]

RunSignup March Newsletter

COVID-19 and the Endurance Industry Like everything about March 2020, this month’s newsletter is a little different from our standard roundup of technology updates. We’ve sent a lot of emails recently, but with more and more races modifying their events, we wanted to use this newsletter as a central resource for your path forward. First up: we’re […]

Webinar Recording and Follow-Up: Transitioning to a Virtual Race

As race directors look for alternatives to cancelling their events, a number of races are “going virtual”. Virtual races have existed for years, but the process of changing a physical race to a virtual one (quickly) is new. This webinar walked through the basics you’ll need to consider as you go virtual, and makes some […]

Emergency Transition to a Virtual Race (Advanced)

In the event of a severe weather event, a public health crisis, or other public safety concern, one option available to races is transitioning your event to a Virtual Race, either for all participants or as an option. There are many reasons to host an intentionally virtual race, but this blog addresses best practices for […]

Technical Customer Support Representative

Yes, we are hiring again! We are looking for a Full Time and or Part Time Technical Customer Support Representative to help us expand our hours of service during the weekend. The ideal candidate is a timer who wants to come in from the cold to help customers and participants use RunSignup’s platform. This position […]

Event & Race Emergency plans for Coronavirus

Update (3/4/2020): The CDC has issued guidance for mass gatherings and large community events. It contains a number of good suggestions for the basis of a plan. As we write this, Coronavirus is the headline of every news story and the subject of every water cooler office (physical or virtual) discussion. Let’s hope that the […]

Question Inventory Limits

We have added a new feature to Custom Questions – the ability to set a limit for the total number available to specific options. The inventory option works for Check boxes, Radio Buttons and Select Menus where there are specific answers to the questions. When people register, on the Questions page, participants will not see […]

Internal RunSignup Email on RaceDay Scoring 2.0

This is the email Bob sent this morning to the company. We wanted to share it… Today is one of the biggest days we have ever had at RunSignup. RaceDay Scoring 2.0 is being released today. While many of you have worked to help make this day possible, there are others who don’t work directly […]

All-In-One Charity Bib Fundraising Platform

A growing number of nonprofits are using RunSignup/GiveSignup for charity bib fundraising. They are choosing RunSignup/GiveSignup as their all-in-one fundraising solution to raise more and save time for several reasons: Easy-to-use all-in-one platform for nonprofits and fundraisers Free platform with a flat 4% processing fee on all donations that donors can opt to pay Free […]

Our accessibility journey, and how we met Tony.

Over the past three years (and before) we have made gradual advances toward being more accessible for differently-abled users, adding small code updates to better accommodate assistive technologies, putting some thought into contrast, and making sure our form fields have labels. These little things add up, and we thought we were doing well. Then, we […]

Race Registration Market Analysis – September, 2019

We do a US Registration Market Analysis every 6 months: September 2015 March, 2016 September, 2016 March, 2017 September, 2017 March, 2018 September, 2018 March, 2019 We try to improve on it with your feedback (so feel free to send suggestions or corrections to bob.bickel at runsignup.com). We do this as part of our own […]

Overview: Nonprofit Ticket Events

This summer, we are releasing a new platform designed specifically for nonprofits alongside our existing race registration platform. This platform will allow nonprofits to create ticket events, organize run/walk/rides, collect donations, and view CRM data and reporting, all through beautiful, easy-to-design websites and dashboards. The Nonprofit Dashboard lists all the campaigns, ticket events, and run/walk/rides […]

Eventbrite Update on Implications for the Endurance Registration Business

Eventbrite reported first quarter earnings yesterday to general disappointment. Net Revenue growth had slowed to 9% totaling $81M for the quarter with Gross Profit of $50M and a loss of $10M. These were below expectations, and expectations for Q2 also disappointed – resulting in a drop of about 30% in stock price this morning from […]

RunSignup March Newsletter

Top News: March 2019 Race Registration Market Analysis The endurance industry is built on a diverse set of technology platforms with no centralized data aggregator, making it challenging to estimate the true market. In September 2015 we started a project to continuously evaluate (and update) the size and status of the market. During that time, […]