Flexible Timing Now Available w/RaceDay Scoring & The Race Director

As areas of the country are preparing for the gradual lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, RunSignup is working on ways we can support the industry through technology. We are pleased to share that RaceDay Scoring and The Race Director now have the ability to capture both start and finish reads with overlapping start and finish time […]

RunSignUp CRM – the race director’s secret weapon

We have been updating our CRM over the past few months; giving it a fresh new design and enhanced features. Utilizing this information will allow you to provide a better experience for your attendees, giving you a distinct advantage over your competition. At RunSignUp we know how important it is to build meaningful relationships and […]

The Race Director Announces 2018 User Conference

Moorestown, NJ – The Race Director, timing software used by more 20,000 races to score 8.7 million participants in 2017, has announced their 2018 User Conference. The conference will be held on Wednesday, March 14, 2018, from 8:30am-4pm at the Hyatt Place Chicago O’Hare in Rosemont, IL. Registration for the conference is now open and is limited […]

The Race Director 2018 Now Available

The Race Director, one of the two leading timer scoring software packages in the market, has released the 2018 version.To get started with Race Director 2018, please renew your annual support subscription now.  You can update your support subscription using the Buy Now button found under the Download menu at TheRaceDirector.com website, or click the […]

The Race Director Releases Version 2017

Moorestown, NJ – The Race Director, timing software used by over 500 races to produce scoring and results for over 5,000,000 race finishers each year, has released the 2017 version of their product. The Race Director software iterates and improves each year to meet the evolving needs of race timers; customers can update and renew […]

Custom RaceDay Web Results from The Race Director

The Race Director is one of the two leading scoring packages used by timers, along with RunScore. Both offer tight integration with RunSignUp – bi-directionally syncing participant information, posting results, sending TXT notifications of results, etc. One of the features we built in RaceDay Results (aka RunSignUp Results – the ones that show up as […]

The Race Director 2017

The initial offering of Race Director 2017 is now available.  For anyone on the Extended Support plan, contact us about getting your system activated.  The change that we are concentrating on now is the natural extension of the Auto Import capabilities added late in the RD 2016 modifications.  The first major offering of RD 2017 is […]

The Race Director – Annual Mailing

If you are one of the 500 timers who uses The Race Director 2015, you are going to be receiving an old fashioned letter in the mail soon. It will be your reminder to upgrade and purchase support for the new 2016 PC version. Here is Roger getting ready to head off to the Post Office! The […]

Timers use The Race Director for over 10 Million Finishers per Year

The Race Director, along with RunScore, are the two leading scoring software products used by timers to provide results to races. We recently did a survey of Timers who use The Race Director to learn more about how they use our product (we will be posting survey results on that website shortly). One of the […]

The Race Director Integration

Race Management Leader The Race Director and Roger Bradshaw Join Forces with RunSignup The combined company will continue the open platform approach of The Race Director and RunSignUp, while working on a Next-Generation Cloud and Mobile native Scoring and Results Platform Moorestown, NJ and Fremont, MI – January 5, 2015 – RunSignUp, the leading innovator […]

Giveaway Syncing with The Race Director Software

The Race Director is software many timers use for scoring and timing races. One of the challenges is syncing information from RunSignUp to The Race Director where there are incompatible fields and data. Timers will usually keep very short codes for Giveaways rather than the long descriptions that RunSignUp allows. The Race Director sync utility […]

The Race Director Integration Training Videos

Roger Bradshaw, the creator of The Race Director, has kindly created a couple of videos that demonstrate how to do the integration between RunSignUp and The Race Director. You can also see written instructions here. Basic Integration – transferring and syncing Participant information and Results Triathlons and Team Relays

New Info on the Race Director Dashboard

We’ve updated the Race Dashboard to give Race Directors a handy summary of your race.  It’ll pop up automatically when you open your dashboard, and you can find it under the Race Info tab.  The Dashboard will give you instant access to: A current graphical report of all registrants in each event A table with new registrants for […]

The Race Director – RunSignUp Integration Now Supports Teams

The Race Director has released a new update that enables team support.  Please see Appendix B of the manual for the details and limitations. We continue to get great feedback from timers on this integration, and are continuing to do continual improvements as suggestions come in. Getting Started – RunSignUp Integration with The Race Director

The Race Director – RunSignUp Integration Manual

Here is the most recent integration manual: Getting Started – RunSignUp and The Race Director Integration (2014) Getting Started – RSU RD 2015 Getting Started – Race Director Cloud Teams and Triathlons The latest version includes support for “Super Events” – where a participant is assigned to two “divisions” in The Race Director parlance, or […]

The Race Director Training in Chicago

Roger Bradshaw of The Race Director will be conducting a live training session in Chicago on March 19 for Timers who are using, or want to use The Race Director for finish line timing, scoring and results. RunSignUp will be there as well, and there will be hand-on training on the Race Director – RunSignUp […]

The Race Director – RunSignUp Integration

RunSignUp and The Race Director Offer Timers Full Life-Cycle Participant and Result Management Download and Sync Participant Information between RunSignUp and The Race Director at the click of a button Upload Results Automatically to either My-Finish and/or RunSignUp Results Nov. 5, 2013 – Moorestown, NJ and Fremont, MI – RunSignUp and The Race Director are […]

The Race Director and RunScore – now integrated with RunSignUp

The Race Director and RunScore are the two most popular timing and results systems used by timers.  They both recently worked with RunSignUp to make sure timers had a simple and easy way to download Participant information.  You will need the latest update from each, which is free as part of their yearly service agreements. […]

Advice for First-Time Race/Challenge Directors

Virtual races aren’t really new – but with COVID-19 restrictions turning in-person events into virtual ones, experienced race directors are learning what it’s like to be a rookie director all over again. This episode of talkSIGNUP covers tips for a first-time virtual race director (or a second-round virtual director hoping to improve). Key Takeaways Utilize […]

Chargeback Notification to Race Director

As the concern about industry impact from chargebacks increases, we have implemented a new notification to let races know when we receive a chargeback. We have written in depth about chargebacks, but for a quick refresher: A chargeback is where the credit card network allows a credit card holder to get their money back if […]

Transitioning from Race Director to RaceDay Scoring

Roger Bradshaw Webinar If you are currently using The Race Director, this recorded Webinar covers the transition to using RaceDay Scoring. Roger Bradshaw encourages timers to take this “quiet period” to get their feet wet with RaceDay Scoring. In this informative webinar Roger covers his suggested transition process and explores the features that are similar […]

Symposium 2019: Race Director Business

We love sharing the spotlight with our customers and colleagues. Each year, we try to invite industry professionals to share their extensive race knowledge with everybody. This year’s Race Director Business Session features Michelle Bettis of 3W races and Scott Sutter of RaceInsure. Join them as they discuss several business topics, such what race insurance […]

NEW: Race Director Program

RunSignup is excited to announce it’s new Race Director program for RaceDay Certified Timers who want to support the success of their races by offering educational sessions for race directors. This is an exclusive program for RaceDay Certified Timers. This new Race Director Program is designed to help position timers as the industry’s technology authority, […]

Big Run Media at the Richmond Race Director Forum

We’re hosting an interactive Race Directors Forum in Richmond in April, in conjunction with the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K, and we’ll be joined there by industry marketing veterans Big Run Media. For a sneak peek, we asked Big Run Media’s Co-Founder and Creative Director Thomas Neuberger a few questions about the business of marketing races. […]

Race Director Forum at the Ukrops Monument Avenue 10K

As Bob blogged earlier this month, one of our Guiding Principles is continuous learning. Yesterday, we opened registration for our largest in-person educational opportunity, the RunSignup Symposium, but if you can’t make it to Philadelphia for the main event, we’re working to connect you to resources in as many arenas as possible. There is no […]

Run Toledo Hosts Race Director Summit

  The Team at Run Toledo is presenting it’s first Northwest Ohio Race Director Summit on February 28 at 6pm in Maumee, Ohio. RunSignup is co-hosting as part of its strategy to provide industry timers with educational support for their race directors. RunSignup is launching a Race Director Summit program in April this year that […]

RunSignup Joins Race Directors Hub as a Community Partner

We’re joining with Race Directors Hub, the thriving endurance industry forum from the online resource Race Directors HQ, as a Community Partner to the Facebook group! The group was launched by Race Directors HQ editor Panos Gonos in October 2017 and has grown into Facebook’s largest online community of race directors and race management professionals. […]

Interview with Mark Harris, Adventure Enablers Founder & Race Director

Mark Harris, Founder and Race Director of Adventure Enablers, works alongside his wife and Communications Director, Margo Harris, and Sponsorship & Logistics Manager, Greg Pulliam, to create unique and social endurance events for vastly different participant groups. Here is an excerpt from an interview with Mark. You can view the full case study video to […]

Re-Live the Symposium: Race Director Business Session

We captured some of our favorite presentations from the RunSignUp Symposium on video and will be gradually sharing them with all our customers and friends. This Race Director Business Session was run by Mark Harris of Adventure Enablers, and focuses on the business logistics of being race director – from concept to execution. If you […]

Race Directors HQ Deep Dive into RaceJoy

Race Directors HQ took a Deep Dive into RaceJoy, and we are pleased to share their coverage. Race Directors HQ is a resource for race organizers to find out about the various tools and services they can use to help propel their business. Some excerpts  from their piece… Using GPS is a key differentiator between RaceJoy […]

Registration Open for Fifth Annual RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium

Moorestown, NJ – Registration is now open for the Fifth Annual RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium to be held in Philadelphia July 16th-18th. The 2017 Symposium brought together 200+ race directors, timers, and industry professionals from 35 states (and Bermuda); the 2018 event will build on that tradition with an emphasis on industry collaboration and education. […]

2017 RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium: Preliminary Tuesday Agenda

The preliminary agenda for Tuesday of our 2017 RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium has been released. We’re (very) excited about the experience and success represented by this year’s lineup, and the opportunities for networking and sharing of knowledge! Registration fees increase on 7/1!The deadline to join the block is 6/26; rooms may sellout before then: https://runsignup.com/Race/RunSignUpSymposium/Page-19   […]

Host Hotel for 2017 Race Director/Timer Symposium

For the second year, the Sheraton Society Hill will be our host hotel at the RunSignUp Race Director Symposium. Reserve a room at the Host Hotel A few highlights about the hotel: Rooms available at a group rate of $174 Indoor swimming pool open 6am-10pm 24-Hour Sheraton Fitness Center On-Site Cafe (with Starbucks) and Restaurant […]

Registration Now Open for Fourth Annual RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium

Moorestown, NJ – RunSignUp announced that registration is now open for the 2017 RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium, to be held in Philadelphia July 17-19th. The Symposium, in its fourth year, brings together race directors and timers from around the country for industry educational sessions, networking opportunities, and training.  For the second year, the Symposium will […]

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Race Directors using RunSignUp

Instead of losing 10 pounds and gaining it back by April, how about making a New Year’s Resolution to improve your race using some ideas you may not have tried before in RunSignUp: More Participants Referral Rewards. Give your participants a reason to get their friends to come to your race – CA$H! On average, […]

RunScore and Race Director Timer Surveys of Most Used & Preferred Registration Providers

RunScore and Race Director, the two leading providers of timing software, independently polled their users to ascertain the registration providers most used and most liked by their user base. These surveys, a follow-up to a similar 2014 survey, help identify the registration providers that are most prominent among the timers served by the software companies. The combined RunScore […]

Race Director & Timer Symposium Videos

We “Live Streamed” our Symposium last week. It was our first attempt at this, so we had some technical glitches and some content that could be better and some content that is not there. On the other hand, we captured a lot of great stuff: Bob Bickel: RunSignUp Overview and Roadmap https://youtu.be/9TF9L0Rq0jw?t=4m24s Barbara Herzog: Cultivating […]

Symposium: Race Director Checklist for the Best (to avoid the Worst)

This year’s RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium will have dual tracks (you can switch between tracks throughout the day) to allow for more targeted content for both experienced directors, and those newer to the industry. One for those for our newer Race Directors (or those looking to expand on their events): The Race Director Checklist, from […]

What is a Current Ratio and if I am a Race Director why should I care?

The current ratio is a liquidity ratio that measures a company’s ability to pay off its short-term liabilities with its current assets. In simple terms how much money the registration company has in the bank vs. what they owe races. It is calculated by dividing current assets (cash and accounts or race payments receivable) on […]

Registration for the 2016 RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium is now open! 

July 18-20, Philadelphia, PA What’s New for 2016? New Dual-Track Format: We’ll run dual tracks throughout the Tuesday Sessions, allowing you to pick and choose between Customer Presentations and RunSignUp-led technical demonstrations depending on your topics of interest. New Venue: We’re moving east to the Chemical Heritage Foundation in the historic Old City section of […]

RaceJoy Self Serve for Race Directors

You can now easily add RaceJoy capabilities to your race. RaceJoy is now a first level menu option in your Race Director Dashboard, with a wizard that allows you to do a number of things including creating a map, selecting a buy-out option, and uploading logos and sponsor information. Map Building This is now in […]

Presentations from the RunSignUp Race Director & Timer Symposium

We had a great 2015 RunSignUp Race Director & Timer Symposium! Below are the presentations that were made on Tuesday. We will be doing videos on the website that you will be able to see here. RunSignUp Symposium Kick-Off and Overview by Bob Bickel: Pittsburgh Marathon and P3R History and Community Connections by Dee Stathis: […]

Who’s Attending the RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium?

We’re gearing up for our 2nd Annual Race Director/Timer Symposium in a little over a month.  Customers are often curious about who else will be at the event, and what type of experience other attendees will have to share…so here’s a little bit about the current attendee list: States Represented: 23 British Oversees Territories Represented: 1 (Bermuda!) […]