Webinar Recap: Multi-Race Bundle

RunSignup Lead Account Manager led a webinar on Multi-Race Bundles. If you missed it, here’s your chance to catch up!

What are Multi-Race Bundles?
Multi-Race bundles allow you to offer registration for more than one race in a single transaction, with signup fr the bundle available through each race. Many races offer bundles at a discounted price to encourage registration for both (although this is not required).

Example Use Cases:

  • Upselling and cross promotion
  • Challenges across multiple races
  • Race Series
  • Season Pass

Benefits for Races:

  • Cross promotion for races
  • Capture more consumer surplus
  • Robust financial management
  • Automated participant management
  • Full participant management features
  • Lower processing fee
  • Reduced marketing costs

Benefits for Participants

  • Discounted registration fees
  • Lower processing fees
  • Quick registration
  • View/manage Registration options

In addition to watching the full recording of the webinar and perusing the presentation slides, Matt shared some fake race websites that you can view to see how multi-race bundles look from the participant side. Check them out:

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