Import Past Fundraisers and Donors for Peer to Peer Fundraising Events

Peer to peer fundraising events can now import historical fundraiser and donor data to peer-to-peer fundraising events. We’ve always offered a robust participant import to bring over historical registration data. This update enables the same capabilities for importing historical fundraiser and donor data. There are two main reasons we’ve added this functionality: Easy for peer-to-peer […]

CRM – Import Participants Update

Your RunSignup CRM is the place to keep ALL of your participant information. Importing participants is important to every race – whether you still get paper entries still, or have some last minute registrations, or you are moving to RunSignup from another platform (thank you!). We’ve updated our longtime Import Participants tool! Here is the […]

Import Giveaways

You can now import Giveaways like you can Custom Questions. This is initiated by going to the Giveaway dashboard page and clicking on the Import Action: You should have a comma-separated value (CSV) file including participant’s giveaway assignments. The CSV should contain two columns, including Registration ID and Assignment headings, with the second row containing […]

Import Question Answers

We have added the capability to import answers to custom questions. This can be useful if you want to record information about participants that you want to merge into their registration information. Roller Coaster Races was the customer who suggested this. They give different amounts of park tickets based on the membership type of the registrant […]

Changing Events and Add-Ons for Imported Participants

We have a number of races who have moved to RunSignUp from another vendor while registration is open. This typically means they import those registrations into RunSignUp and use the RunSignUp Participant Management capabilities so participants can do self-management. In Add-On and Event management, you can now turn on the ability for participants to get […]

Migrating Races to RunSignUp – Runner Self Serve

We have had a number of races move to RunSignUp from other systems. To ease the move, we provide a way of importing past runners. This allows you to do year over year comparisons. It also allows you to move races in the middle of registration – so some runners were entered in another system […]

Importing Old Event Participant Data

You can now import participant data from previous years. This allows race directors to have easier access to all of their data in one place, and also enables some of the nice year over year reporting that RunSignUp offers. Importing old data takes several simple steps. First, on the Import page, you can now add […]

Columbus Running Company Case Study

We are starting a new series of Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  A This Columbus Running Company Case Study focuses on a Bib Assignment & Pickup at multiple locations, experimenting with new options, and taking advantage of […]

More Tips and Tricks for Importing Club Members – Families

As we continue to get large clubs importing existing memberships into RunSignup, we learn more and develop a few tools. One of the powerful things RunSignUp offers is the idea of a single Membership covering multiple people.  Very useful for Mom to sign up herself, her husband and two kids in a single registration. When […]

Importing Club Members – Tips and Tricks

As a follow on to the post on Importing Club Members, we wanted to give some tips and tricks we have learned as more and more clubs are moving to RunSignUp. Small Chunks – Import small chunks – maybe 100 at a time.  There are several reasons. First, we display all the imported data before you […]

Corporate Team Import

Team Captains now have the ability to import participants to their corporate teams. While most Corporate teams have members sign up themselves, some companies want to have a person do all the registration. Imports can be done either with a CSV file (Excel spreadsheet output), or via our new editor.  Once members are added, they […]

Importing Participants from another Registration System

We just had another race director switch from a different registration system!  She already had some registrants in her old system.  With the Import capability of RunSignUp she can easily import those participants. There is the added benefit of now being able to use the free iContact capability to easily email all of her participants. […]