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Saved Credit Card Stats

The ability for participants to store their credit cards was introduced about a month ago. In the first week and a half of December, we are seeing 14.2% of transactions choosing the save their cards. Even more impressively is that 4.9% of transactions are being processed with previously saved credit cards. This means two things:... Continue Reading →

Custom “Event” text for races

We have added the ability for races to customize the "event" wording on the front-end of the registration page. This is particularly helpful for races with waves or tournaments, where the word "event" doesn't exactly meet their needs. The custom event text can be implemented on STEP 5 of the Race Wizard.  Once the change is... Continue Reading →

Registration Market Analysis

We are a very open company (with things like public annual and availability reports as well as public roadmap), and we thought we would share some analysis we have done as well as general thoughts on the future size and direction of the registration market. We do a biannual planning meeting (we start one on Monday) where we... Continue Reading →

Race Calendar Widget Updates

The RunSignUp Race Calendar Widget is useful for Timers, Running Clubs and Running Stores who want to have a list of races in their area on their own websites. The example on the right is from Playmakers Running Store in Michigan. The calendar widget lists races. All you need to do is put a simple line... Continue Reading →

Expo Mode

Expo mode is a setting to simplify registrations during expos. Two things happen in this mode during registration: Users are not automatically logged in after registering. A “Next Registrant” button shows on the confirmation screen to start the next registration. This will automatically logout the current user if they have manually signed in.