Registration Market Analysis – March 2016

We did the first Market Analysis last September, and hope to continue to do this every 6 months and continue to make it better (so feel free to send suggestions or corrections to bob.bickel at We do this as part of our own internal market evaluation processes, but share it since there does not […]

Saved Credit Card Stats

The ability for participants to store their credit cards was introduced about a month ago. In the first week and a half of December, we are seeing 14.2% of transactions choosing the save their cards. Even more impressively is that 4.9% of transactions are being processed with previously saved credit cards. This means two things: […]

Hiding Registration Fields for Faster Registration

As another setup towards our goal of faster registration, we have now given race directors the option to hide fields from users so they do not have to enter them. This is configured on the Registration setup page either in the Wizard or the Dashboard. Currently the options are the ones below, and this will […]

Custom “Event” text for races

We have added the ability for races to customize the “event” wording on the front-end of the registration page. This is particularly helpful for races with waves or tournaments, where the word “event” doesn’t exactly meet their needs. The custom event text can be implemented on STEP 5 of the Race Wizard.  Once the change is […]

Registration Market Analysis

We are a very open company (with things like public annual and availability reports as well as public roadmap), and we thought we would share some analysis we have done as well as general thoughts on the future size and direction of the registration market. We do a biannual planning meeting (we start one on Monday) where we […]

Philly 10K Registration: Easy peasy lemon squeasy

Yesterday morning, when the Philly 10K – a local race on it’s way to a second straight sellout in their second year – ran into some trouble with a huge registration demand, we were excited to be able to jump in at the last minute to get them back up and running. While we’re a distributed team, […]

Race Calendar Widget Updates

The RunSignUp Race Calendar Widget is useful for Timers, Running Clubs and Running Stores who want to have a list of races in their area on their own websites. The example on the right is from Playmakers Running Store in Michigan. The calendar widget lists races. All you need to do is put a simple line […]

Kiosk 2.0

We have updated the Kiosk to be easier to use and more powerful. We are seeing Kiosks used with increased frequencies for race day registration, and in running stores or expos. We have seen almost every different type of device in use for these – PC’s, Netbooks, Ultrabooks, Macs, iPad’s, Samsung Galaxy, even BlackBerry Tablets! […]

Open Registration API

In our last post we talked about Teamwork and the “Strength of the Pack”. The purpose of that post was to provide the context of why we are continuing to work on our Open API – a very technical topic. In simple terms, an API is how two programs work together.  When we exchange participant or […]

Race Day Check-In

We now provide a Race Day Check-In page.  This helps race directors rapidly check-in participants.  It provides powerful search capabilities as well as an easy way to pick which information to show. For example, you can show bib number (or assign bib number dynamically), show T-Shirt Size as well as store items ordered. Read more […]

Kiosk Check-in on Race Day – Lessons Learned

We are getting more and more races using our race day registration services.  Here are a couple of races that used our service last weekend. The Graffiti Run used the check-in capability to check in over 5,200 runners this past weekend.  They had 10 Chromebooks with volunteers doing the check-in.  They felt they could have […]

Super and Sub Events – Released

We just released on Super and Sub Events.  What’s that? A Super Event is made up of multiple races, but packaged as one.  For example, a “MegaPack Challenge” would sign a runner up for the 5K, 10K and Half Marathon.  In Race Reports, you would see the runner in the MegaPack report, but also in […]

Disabling Password Requirement

RunSignUp by default requires runners to enter a password.  We find this to be very helpful to runners long term since they do not have to type in information repeatedly for each race they join.  It also enables features like refunds, event-event transfers and bib exchange in a secure manner. However, some races want to […]

Online Race Day Registration

Enabling online race day registration can improve the operation of your race, and make things better and easier for your runners.  This is a complete overview of the process with pointers to more specific resources on each topic. On the right you will see the major steps to enable Race Day Registration.  Here are the […]

Bib Handout

In our last blog, we talked about Bib Assignment – giving each person a bib number.  This blog discusses the options available for handing out bibs to your runners. There are three basic options for bibs – pre-printed, printing labels, and dynamic bib assignment.  We discuss each of these in the slides and video below. […]

Reserved and Late Entries

RunSignUp has had the reserved entries feature for a while.  We just added this feature to  the new Corporate Team.  This is perfect for inviting elite runners, or for allowing some special late entries into your race even though the cap has been reached or the registration is closed.  You can do this from the […]

RunScore Results Integration

RunScore is our first partner who has taken full advantage of the RunSignUp Open API to make life simple for timers and race directors who want to get results posted FAST! Alan Jones of RunScore did the integration. It goes full circle.  From within the RunScore system, you can click a couple of buttons and […]

Confirmation Email Update

When runners signing up for your race receive a confirmation email today, it comes from We are updating this to come from the primary race director’s email address.  This will make it simpler for runners to communicate directly with the race.  We are also providing an easy mechanism for you to set the email […]

RunSignUp Releases New Race Registration User Interface

RunSignUp Releases New Race Registration User Interface Fast, Modern and Easy to Use Race Registration Helps Runners and Race Directors Moorestown, NJ – March 9, 2012 – RunSignUp, the leading innovator of online tools for Races and Running Clubs, today announced the availability of a new user interface for online race sign up.  The interface […]