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Private Event Registration Option

You can now set up private events that do not display on your race page or event selection page. This is a nice option for races that want to offer private registration to a certain group of people and do not want the event display anywhere during “general” registration. Here are the steps you can... Continue Reading →

Coupon Report by Event

We have added a coupon report, broken down by event usage. This report can be accessed under Reports>>Marketing Reports>>Coupons. At the bottom of the page, you will see a COUPON REPORT BY EVENT button The coupon report by event report will give you a breakdown of the number of uses for each event in your... Continue Reading →

Custom “Event” text for races

We have added the ability for races to customize the "event" wording on the front-end of the registration page. This is particularly helpful for races with waves or tournaments, where the word "event" doesn't exactly meet their needs. The custom event text can be implemented on STEP 5 of the Race Wizard.  Once the change is... Continue Reading →