Bellin Run: A Case Study

Promoting health and wellness through running About the Bellin Run The Bellin Run is a 10K held on the second Saturday of June each year. Starting in 1972, the race aimed to promote cardiovascular fitness following an addition to the Bellin Hospital. After receiving an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and hosting over 800 runners, […]

Symposium 2019: The Right Team Option for Your Event

RunSignup supports several team options that you can enable for your race. Social or Competitive Groups/Teams, Fundraiser Teams, and Corporate Teams are all supported, each with specific features. RunSignup’s Sean Callahan and Emily Warejko took some time at the Summer Symposium to walk you through the different team options you have for your race. After […]

Corporate Teams: When, Why, and How to Use Them (or not)

Corporate Teams are one of the most powerful RunSignup features, but they aren’t one we talk about a lot for a very simple reason: they aren’t appropriate for most races. For most events, the basic Group/Teams function is ideal, but for true corporate team events, the corporate team feature is extremely robust and flexible. Technical Account Manager […]

St. Louis BizDash Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This BizDash Case Study creating a Corporate Team event.  View the PDF Version of the St. Louis BizDash Case Study About the St. Louis Biz Dash and RunSignUp: The St. Louis […]

Corporate Team Name & Link in registration records

This feature will save some administrative time for races with corporate teams. We have added “Corporate Team” as a field in the participant registration record so a race director can easily view a runner’s corporate team affiliation. The team name is also a link for quick and easy access to the corporate team management page. This line […]

Corporate Teams and Age-Based Pricing

We now offer an option to allow for age-based pricing with corporate team registrations. If this option is turned on, the age-based pricing will override any special corporate team pricing the race may have set-up.  This is a very nice option for races where students and/or seniors receive discounts that might be greater than the discounted corporate team pricing. […]

Corporate Teams – Purchase Additional Entries

We now give Corporate Team Captains the ability to buy additional entries for the race. The cost is the same set for that team type in the Corporate Team setup. This is a new option that is enabled in the Corporate Team Pre-Paid Package dashboard setup: You can also set up packages with defined # […]

Corporate Team Store Items Paid By Invoice

Corporate Team races (races where companies are paying for race registration in various ways) can now enable the purchase of store items to be paid by invoice. This is useful for store items that Corporate Team Captains might be purchasing like Tent Rental. Turn this capability on in the Corporate Team Setup: This means that […]

Corporate Teams – Changing Employee Status

CAUTION – USE THIS FEATURE CAREFULLY. We have added an option to allow Race Directors and Corporate Team Captains to change the employee status of participants. The idea is that if someone signed up as an employee for the corporate team, but are actually not an employee then their employment status can be changed. Race […]

Coupons for Corporate Team Teams

Yes, that title was intentional. RunSignUp has extensive support for Corporate Teams. This is where a company is typically providing some sort of support for employees, like helping to pay for entry fees, or providing discounted fees to members of Corporate Teams (perhaps because the company helped with sponsorship of the race). Since the company […]

Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk Case Study focuses on the recruitment and self-service management of Corporate Teams View the PDF Version of the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk Case Study An Introduction to […]

Race Director/Timer Symposium Videos

As a part of our RunSignUp Customer Video Page, we have the official release of the Presentations from the first RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium in July.  We had some really dynamic, innovative Presenters, and we are thrilled to be able to share their knowledge with all our Customers. Presentation Videos include: Growing a Small Race By Kelly […]


Innovation: The act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods. As technology people, we love the opportunity to continually innovate and bring new features to the table…but don’t mistake innovation for instability.  We believe innovative technology should still be reliable technology. Have ideas? Challenge us!

Full Corporate Team Export

We added the ability to download a CSV of all the information for corporate teams. This download option is available at the bottom of the Team Report Summary. You can now get all the information in one report, like: Team Name Team Type Captains Captain Email and Phone Number of employees Total number of people […]

Corporate Team Invoice Improvements

Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk in Atlanta is our largest user of the Corporate Team capabilities with hundreds of teams and thousands of runners and walkers.  They recently closed Corporate Team registration and used our system to send invoices automatically to the hundreds of teams offering them a way to pay online or via check. RunSignUp […]

Corporate Team Import

Team Captains now have the ability to import participants to their corporate teams. While most Corporate teams have members sign up themselves, some companies want to have a person do all the registration. Imports can be done either with a CSV file (Excel spreadsheet output), or via our new editor.  Once members are added, they […]

Corporate Team Videos

RunSignUp Corporate Team capability is perfect for races with corporate sponsors paying for their employees participation. Feel free to use these videos on your own websites if you have a Corporate Team Race (or any of our videos at Overview: For Race Directors: How to Set up Corporate Teams How to Create Corporate […]

Corporate Teams, Competitive Teams and Fundraising Teams

RunSignUp supports three types of teams for races: Fundraising Teams Competitive Teams Corporate Teams Fundraising Teams is the ability for a group of people to join together as a team for the purpose of raising money for a charity run.  In RunSignUp, race directors can enable this capability so that anyone can create and join […]

Reserved and Late Entries

RunSignUp has had the reserved entries feature for a while.  We just added this feature to  the new Corporate Team.  This is perfect for inviting elite runners, or for allowing some special late entries into your race even though the cap has been reached or the registration is closed.  You can do this from the […]

Corporate Team Race Solution

Today we are releasing our solution for Corporate Team Race/Walks.  We have had the benefit of several large Run/Walks giving us guidance on their requirements.  We will thank those folks publicly when they go live with their races (but we have to release the software before they can put their races live). Corporate Team Races […]