Coupons for Corporate Team Teams

Corporate Team CouponsYes, that title was intentional. RunSignUp has extensive support for Corporate Teams. This is where a company is typically providing some sort of support for employees, like helping to pay for entry fees, or providing discounted fees to members of Corporate Teams (perhaps because the company helped with sponsorship of the race). Since the company typically helps with the fee and the race has a lower price we have not allowed coupon codes to be used in tandem with Corporate Team pricing.

People who join a Corporate Team can also join a regular Group/Team as well. One of the options of Groups/Teams is a single Setup fee (eg. $250 for a team of 5 to be paid by the first person to set up the team). We had a request from the Pittsburgh Marathon to allow coupons to be used by Corporate Teams for creating Relay Teams (10% off for the $250 single fee per team).

So now people registering for corporate teams will see a coupon code box during checkout. However, the coupon can only be used for the group/team fees.

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