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Sponsors Page Update

Your race website's Sponsors page just got a nice update. Previously, the Sponsors page looked like this: The new layout is removes the color block backgrounds for a cleaner layout and display. The mobile display elegantly stacks your sponsor logos and offers:

Sponsors Cover Page Component

We now make it super easy to add sponsors to your cover page as yet another data component. This takes full advantage of the RunSignup Sponsor capability to manage your sponsors - creating custom sponsor levels, inviting sponsors to manage their own information, invoicing and collecting payments, managing real time visibility and providing reporting to... Continue Reading →

ROAD iD Race Sponsorship

Races can now take advantage of the ROAD iD and RunSignUp partnership for their races announced earlier. We have made this very simple to setup and for ROAD iD to become a sponsor for your race. Simply go to the National Sponsor menu item on your Race Dashboard to turn on the ROAD iD sponsorship.... Continue Reading →

Expanded Strava Integration

We have received great feedback on the Strava integration. Races love the fact they can extend the meaning of their race from just race day into the training part of the race - thus extending the race brand and meaning. Races also appreciate that Strava is providing sponsor dollars when new users sign up for... Continue Reading →

Strava Club Integration

As part of our partnership with Strava, we have added an integration with Strava Clubs. This means that your race can create a Strava Club, and then designate that club in RunSignUp. Once the connection is made, then existing Strava members will be redirected to your Strava Club page when they click on one of... Continue Reading →

National Sponsors

Sponsors are a key part of many races. They help provide funding, expand promotion for the race, and can help build the brand of your race. RunSignUp has started a National Sponsor Program that extends our regular Sponsor Program that we hope will bring sponsors and races together that may never had been available to... Continue Reading →