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No, this is not the old abbreviation for the Soviet Union. It is the abbreviation for the California Consumer Privacy Act. This act goes into effect on January 1. Any website that is used by a California resident must comply with the law. RunSignup just released our implementation for our various websites, including all of... Continue Reading →

RunSignUp Demonstrates Continued Commitment to Secure Data and Transaction Processing with new Leadership Role

The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) announced today the launch of a new Payment Facilitator Committee, with Kevin Harris (RunSignUp Chief Finance and Operations Officer) taking the role of Vice-Chair. ETA Press Release: As noted in the release, the committee "will serve as a resource within ETA as the established, valued experts on payment facilitators, enabling deeper... Continue Reading →

Forgetting Passwords

RunSignUp is now checking if a runner registering for a race has previously used the same email and asking them to login. If they have forgotten their password, we are now providing a direct and simple way for them to get the password emailed to them. This new mechanism works well with the many race... Continue Reading →

Anonymous User Setting

Users can now set themselves to be Anonymous when their name is displayed in either Participant Lookup or in Results. Users set this in their Edit Profile page.  Race Directors and Timers can use the Edit function accessed from the Participant Report. Another thanks to Anne Gault of Gault Timing for this idea.

Disabling Password Requirement

RunSignUp by default requires runners to enter a password.  We find this to be very helpful to runners long term since they do not have to type in information repeatedly for each race they join.  It also enables features like refunds, event-event transfers and bib exchange in a secure manner. However, some races want to... Continue Reading →

Don’t be Evil

There was an article in the New York Times about how technology companies are over anxious to collect and "monetize" user information. While they talk in public about how they "do no evil" or fall on their sword when there is a public outcry, they all have business models (and legal contracts their users click... Continue Reading →

No More Fun?

There was an article in the NYTimes today "No More Innovation for the Fun of It".  The point of the article was that many of the big companies like Apple and Google have turned into businesses that really only care about money.  And in that pursuit they do things like capture information and figure out... Continue Reading →