No, this is not the old abbreviation for the Soviet Union. It is the abbreviation for the California Consumer Privacy Act. This act goes into effect on January 1. Any website that is used by a California resident must comply with the law.

RunSignup just released our implementation for our various websites, including all of the race, ticket and donation websites we host for customers.

We have updated our Privacy Policy. We have also added a way for people to disable non-essential cookies (these are the tracking cookies that race websites can add such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, etc.).

We do require cookies to be enabled on browsers using RunSignup or GiveSignup. Cookies have become a basic part of every website to be able to function – like move from page to page and store information so someone can register.

We are fortunate, in that our basic policies conform to the goals of the law well. We do not sell data, we have allowed the ability to mark yourself as anonymous for years.

One of the great things about using RunSignup as your race, event or donation website is that we worry about this type of stuff for you. Here is an example of the Woodlands Marathon (, an 8,000 person race that uses us to host their website. As you can see, they have the same cookie compliance note at the bottom of their webpage that you see on the RunSignup home page above.

This cookie policy that links to our privacy policy will show on each website independently – so you would need to accept for both RunSignup and the Woodlands site if you were going to go to both of them.

Here’s to a great next decade starting tomorrow!

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