2019 Review: RunSignup – Facebook Fundraiser Integration

RunSignup announced our free Facebook Fundraiser integration in July 2019. The integration allows your fundraisers to auto-create a Facebook Fundraiser from RunSignup. The amounts raised on RunSignup and Facebook are automatically synced, enabling your participants (and your nonprofit) to raise more and reach fundraising goals faster. It’s already clear from our data that the RunSignup […]

2019 Availability & Infrastructure Report

Knock on wood, but this is our 4th year in a row with 100% uptime. As we have covered in the past, we view the core of our company is building reliable transaction processing that allows races and nonprofits to collect money. This year we will process $270 Million – allowing participants, attendees and donors […]

New Version of Safari Breaks Widgets

Any customer using widgets, even Partner Websites, should switch to a simple button and link to the appropriate RunSignup site directly. Unfortunately, Apple has released a new version of Safari that prevents session tracking. This is a necessary feature on complex web applications such as a registration. “ITP will now block all third-party requests from […]

Transitioning from Race Director to RaceDay Scoring

Roger Bradshaw Webinar If you are currently using The Race Director, this recorded Webinar covers the transition to using RaceDay Scoring. Roger Bradshaw encourages timers to take this “quiet period” to get their feet wet with RaceDay Scoring. In this informative webinar Roger covers his suggested transition process and explores the features that are similar […]

RaceDay Timer Newsletter: December

RaceDay Scoring Version 2.0 Launch! Get an overview of RaceDay Scoring V2.0 now available for timers! Find out about the key features in RaceDay Scoring and the newest advancements, including aggregate team scoring and corral and wave starts.  The Future is Now! >>>Watch the Video >>>Read the Blog >>>See the Press Release “We’ve brought together a unique […]

Google and Facebook Custom Audience Support in CRM

We have added two powerful export options for the CRM system. Remember that the RunSignup and GiveSignup CRM is an integrated way to create custom, real time filtered lists across participants, donors, fundraisers, and club members based on a wide variety of filter options like loyalty, location, even source of registration. Those lists can now […]

Fundraising: Individual Fundraisers

You can allow your supporters to fundraise for your cause by going to Fundraising >> Individual Fundraisers and enabling Individual Fundraisers. There are 4 tiles that organize existing settings and make setting up fundraising simple: General Settings Customizations and Display Settings Fundraiser Rewards Advanced Settings Click the tile component to edit the settings: This blog […]

Donation and Fundraising UX Update

Today more than 8,000 nonprofits use RunSignup as an all-in-one registration and fundraising solution, and even more races allow donations and fundraising on behalf of charity partners. With the 2019 launch of GiveSignup and the release of the most powerful tools in the industry that help your fundraisers raise more, from our free Facebook Fundraiser […]

2020 RunSignup Winter Symposium Program

Our full program for the 2020 Winter Symposium is now available here. Haven’t committed yet? Don’t delay – there are just 30 spots remaining before we reach our cap, and the last day to reserve a room in our block at the Host Hotel is tomorrow, Thursday 12/19. A few highlights from the program: Education […]

Donations: Setup

You can enable donations for your run/walk/ride and customize your donation settings on the Donations Setup tab. There are 7 tiles that organize existing settings and make setting up donations simple: General Settings Donation Page Customizations Tax Deduction Rules Donation Discounts Corporate Matching Gifts Donation Summary Emails Advanced Settings Click the tile component to customize […]

Donation Forms: UX

Donation forms offer a new and exciting option for donating. Donation Forms automatically apply your nonprofit’s branding and custom domain or subdomain, giving your nonprofit a 100% white-label solution to collect donations. As we continue to work on donation forms we wanted to share some of the usability updates that we are making. Accessibility Fixes We ran an […]

A Letter from Roger Bradshaw

Plans for The Race Director and RaceDay Scoring To Current The Race Director Timers, As we wrap up this year, I wanted to communicate some upcoming changes and events.  Renewal Reminder: First, I want to remind you to renew your license for 2020. The Race Director license is now part of RunSignup’s RaceDay Suite license. […]

RunSignup Sales Tax in all 50 States

We are rolling out sales tax collection for the final state – Colorado – today. We had rolled out the other 49 states and the District of Columbia a couple of weeks ago. Colorado posed a bit of a challenge, with their structure as a home rule state. As a Marketplace, RunSignup is responsible for collecting and remitting in sales […]

RaceDay Scoring V2.0 Launch Webinar

We are very excited to share the launch of RaceDay Scoring Version 2.0! Matt Avery, RunSignup’s RaceDay Product Manager, provides an overview of the key features available in RaceDay Scoring’s latest version 2.0 release in this recorded Webinar. This release introduces the major additions of corral and wave management along with relay and aggregate team […]

Sales Tax Stats – Early Feedback

We are trying to gather early feedback since we fully released the sales tax system on December 2. Some interesting stats so far – some are too early to see any real trends, but some are substantial enough to have some meaning. The early data shows that concerns about sales tax impacting registrations is not […]

Enabling Nonprofit Exemptions

As we pointed out in a previous blog post, and in our Sales Tax Policies and Instructions, nonprofits must explicitly specify their exemption status. This is to ensure that nonprofit organizations are complying with state laws. The reason for this reminder is that we have auto-enabled sales tax exemptions for all nonprofits in the first […]

Donation Forms

Nonprofits can now create an unlimited number of Donation Forms to grow donations. Donation Forms automatically apply your nonprofit’s branding and custom domain or subdomain, giving your nonprofit a 100% white-label solution to collect donations. Donation Forms are both powerful and easy to create so that your nonprofit can raise more and save time: Create […]

RaceJoy Mapping & Geo Cheers How-To

Timers offering RaceJoy can take advantage of these RaceJoy How-To short videos for setting up races in RaceJoy. The course map builder video is a great refresher for those who have gone through the RaceDay Timer Certification or are about to go through the training. The Geo Cheers is a more advanced option for setting […]

Internal RunSignup Email on RaceDay Scoring 2.0

This is the email Bob sent this morning to the company. We wanted to share it… Today is one of the biggest days we have ever had at RunSignup. RaceDay Scoring 2.0 is being released today. While many of you have worked to help make this day possible, there are others who don’t work directly […]

RunSignup Launches Version 2.0 of RaceDay Scoring

We are very excited to share the launch of RaceDay Scoring Version 2.0! The release of version 2.0 introduces the major additions of corral and wave management along with relay and combined team scoring. RaceDay Scoring is the replacement for The Race Director, one of the most widely-used scoring solutions in the industry scoring more […]

Meet Your Charity Fundraising Expert at the 2020 Winter Symposium

We’re excited to announce that Kathy Wise of Semper Fi Fund will be joining us for the 2020 Winter Symposium to contribute expertise in fundraising through charity bibs. Kathy has been with the Semper Fi Fund since 2007, first as a volunteer, and then (since 2010) as the Deputy of Community Sports. She focuses on […]

Donation Website Cover Pages

With GiveSignup’s donation websites, any nonprofit can create a beautiful website for their nonprofit or donation campaign with a custom domain or subdomain, built-in security, mobile responsiveness, SEO optimization, and integrated donation confirmation information. Cover pages let nonprofits create websites that look as professional and unique as the missions they represent. GiveSignup’s Donation Websites look […]

Sales Tax Liability – $10 Million annually

There is a lot of confusion about why RunSignup has built a major sales tax system for our customers, or why RunSignup is collecting sales tax on behalf of our customers in the growing number of states with marketplace laws. The answer is simple – liability. Liability for race organizations (both for profit and nonprofit), […]

Timer Market Research Survey

TIMERS ONLY, please: You are invited to take part in the industry’s first timer market research survey! This survey is focused on the timer industry and is designed to help us gain a deeper understanding of the unique needs of timers. The information you provide will enable us to share valuable industry insights and help […]

Custom Content UX Update

We released a big UX update to make it easy for you to manage, add to, and edit your race website’s custom content. All of your race’s existing custom content has been condensed into easy to manage tiles that you can simply click to edit and update. Here is the before and after: The updates […]

Re-Order Ticket Groups

You can now easily drag and drop ticket groups to re-arrange the order in which they appear on your ticket event website and in the ticket purchase path. To re-order your ticket groups, go to the Ticket Event Wizard >> Step 2. Using the left-hand drag icon, re-arrange your ticket groups. Click Save Sort Order […]

Sales Tax Fault Tolerance

Update: Avalara restored service after 23 minutes. One of the really hard, but really cool features we built into the RunSignup Sales Tax System was fault tolerance of unavailability of our tax rate vendor, Avalara. Avalara is widely regarded as the best tax rate calculation system available, which is why we selected them. However, we […]

Arkansas, California, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Rhode Island, Virginia and Vermont are now live on the RunSIgnup Sales Tax System

Monday, Dec. 2, 2019 is Sales Tax day at RunSignup! We are rolling out our Sales Tax System the final 35 states and DC today in waves. The Noon Eastern wave has been turned on.

Iowa, Idaho, Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma and Wyoming go live on the RunSignup Sales Tax System

Monday, Dec. 2, 2019 is Sales Tax day at RunSignup! We are rolling out our Sales Tax System the final 35 states and DC today in waves. The 2PM Eastern wave has been turned on.

Alabama, District of Columbia, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah go live on the RunSignup Sales Tax System

Monday, Dec. 2, 2019 is Sales Tax day at RunSignup! We are rolling out our Sales Tax System the final 35 states and DC today in waves. The Noon Eastern wave has been turned on. Two of the states in this wave charge sales tax on processing fees. Remember processing fees are charged to the participant based […]

Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, New Mexico, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin go live on RunSignup Sales Tax System

Monday, Dec. 2, 2019 is Sales Tax day at RunSignup! We are rolling out our Sales Tax System the final 35 states and DC today in waves. The 9AM wave has been turned on. Most of the states in this wave charge sales tax on processing fees. Remember processing fees are charged to the participant […]

Happy Turkey Day 2019!

We’re so thankful for all the race directors, timers, and nonprofits who used our technology this Thanksgiving for the biggest running day of the year. A simple Google search gives you pages and pages of Turkey Trots in cities and towns throughout the country – all proclaiming record breaking attendance. We like Turkey Trots so […]

Sales Tax Exemptions for Government and Educational Entities

We have deployed an enhancement to our Exemption capabilities in our Sales Tax system. This allows for Federal, State and Local government entities as well as educational entities like schools, colleges and universities to claim exemption status for sales tax purposes. Remember, not all states have the same rules for each nonprofit entity type. nor […]

Rich Text Editor Option for Website Cover pages

We have released another extension to our Cover page components for RunSignup Race Websites, as well as GiveSignup Nonprofit Ticket Websites and Donation Websites. This gives you the flexibility to add richer text, as well as your own images. Here are some example sections from cover pages built with the rich text editor: As with […]

Meet Your Sponsor Expert at the 2020 Winter Symposium

We’re excited to announce that Jeff Fitch will be joining us for the 2020 Winter Symposium for a premiere session on recruiting sponsors and keeping them happy. Jeff combines experience with sponsors in the endurance industry with an impressive, large-scale background in sales for the PGA TOUR. In other words, he has a lifetime of […]

RunSignup Sales Tax Rollout Schedule by State

We have completed the sales tax system roll out to 15 states. We plan to roll out the rest on Monday, December 2, 2019. We will do 4 waves of states according to the list below. Note, this may change depending on unexpected issues that may arise. We will communicate changes via this blog post […]

RunSignup Sales Tax System Live in South Carolina

Our Sales Tax System is live in South Carolina. The State of South Carolina is our second Marketplace state, where RunSignup is assuming responsibility for collecting, reporting and remitting sales tax to the state, easing the burden on races. This went live automatically today, November 19, 2019. RunSignup will turn off our legacy sales tax system […]

RunSignup Signs Contract for the Web

Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the Internet, announced the Contract for the Web today. RunSignup has endorsed the contract and pledges to live up to the ideals of a better web. Much of the founding principles of RunSignup came from Open Source principles that are essentially the same as what Tim outlines. We felt […]

Sales Tax FAQ for Event Organizers

Do I need to provide a Seller ID or TaxID for RunSignup’s sales tax system? No. RunSignup files one consolidated sales tax return in Marketplace States using our TaxID. In nonMarketplace states, there is no need for RunSignup to ask for your SellerID since you are responsible for filing. Does the sales tax come out of […]

RaceDay Timer Newsletter: November

RaceDay Certified Timer Spotlight: Tony Sapp Tony Sapp, a RaceDay Certified Timer and owner of Negative Split Productions, shares valuable insights on ways timers can create a competitive advantage by utilizing RunSignup’s RaceDay Suite. Tony owns and operates worldwide events that specialize in extreme format courses. He has identified ways to gain operational efficiencies while preserving unique and […]

Sales Tax FAQ for Participants

Why is there a sales tax on my checkout page? The event or club you are signing up for collects tax according to state rules. Different jurisdictions have different tax rules that apply different rates depending on location, nonprofit status, race fees, ticket fees, add-on purchases and processing fees. I only made a donation. Why […]

RaceDay Certified Timer Spotlight: Tony Sapp

Tony Sapp, owner of Negative Split Productions, shares his views on RunSignup’s RaceDay technology suite of products. Watch this video to hear his valuable insights on ways timers can create a competitive advantage through RunSignup’s RaceDay Suite. Negative Split Productions owns and operates worldwide events, specializing in extreme format courses, such as Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon, […]

Fundraising Page UX Updates: Phase 3

We have released exciting enhancements to our fundraising platform. These new features showcase the fundraiser and provide the tools to tell their story. To see the changes that have come before, check out Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the fundraising page makeover. Improved fundraiser page layout and flow The new fundraiser page now boasts […]

What Happened to Crowdrise?

Many nonprofits, their run/walk/ride partners, individual fundraisers and their donors are being surprised to see Crowdrise.com redirected to an entirely new website – https://charity.gofundme.com/. It is a bit confusing since GoFundMe made no real mention of the Crowdrise brand shut-down and redirect in their press release on October 15, or anywhere on their site. GoFundMe […]

All-In-One Charity Bib Fundraising Platform

A growing number of nonprofits are using RunSignup/GiveSignup for charity bib fundraising. They are choosing RunSignup/GiveSignup as their all-in-one fundraising solution to raise more and save time for several reasons: Easy-to-use all-in-one platform for nonprofits and fundraisers Free platform with a flat 4% processing fee on all donations that donors can opt to pay Free […]

RaceJoy Map Building Basics

If you are a RaceDay Certified Timer or thinking about becoming one, this recorded webinar will provide you with a basic understanding of building maps in RaceJoy. Map Building Steps: Enable Events  Load Course Route(s) Generate Markers Set Up Timing Configuration Table Adjust for any Out and Back Proximity Issues Certify Maps Once you certify […]

Understanding Sales Tax Reports for Marketplace States

Let’s start with the good news! If you are in one of nearly 40 Marketplace States (see our taxability matrix), you don’t really have to understand the sales tax reports! That is because RunSignup has the obligation to calculate, collect, report and remit sales tax for all events and clubs in Marketplace States (although you […]

Ticket Event Questions

You can now collect additional information from your ticket purchasers and/or ticket holders with flexible Ticket Event Questions. To add questions for your attendees to answer when they buy tickets, navigate to Event >> Questions from your Ticket Event Dashboard. Click the orange Create a Question button to start adding questions. How to Create Questions […]