Rich Text Editor Option for Website Cover pages

We have released another extension to our Cover page components for RunSignup Race Websites, as well as GiveSignup Nonprofit Ticket Websites and Donation Websites. This gives you the flexibility to add richer text, as well as your own images. Here are some example sections from cover pages built with the rich text editor:

As with all things in our free websites, we have taken the design approach of making things simple. This ensures high quality and future enhancements can be automatically applied. The editor itself is simple, and we have we have defaulted a number of options to limit the “trouble” that you can into to make free website more widely available to races and nonprofits.

Below are some examples of the editor for the content blocks above:

The one below is used in combination with a background image to make the text pop.

Note that Headers are available and automatically style to the rest of your website.

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