RunSignup September 2020 Newsletter

RunSignup Raises $2.6 Million from Payroc for Strategic Initiatives We are pleased to announce that an investment affiliate of Payroc is making a minority investment in the RunSignup | GiveSignup business to help fund the continued rapid expansion of the RunSignup customer base and provide additional fundraising capabilities to the nonprofit market with GiveSignup. What […]

RunSignup August 2020 Newsletter

Preparing for the Fall Race Season 2020 may not look like an average year, but preparation for fall race season is creeping up nonetheless. Race organizers, timers, and nonprofits across the country are reviewing their options and learning more about virtual options, modifying in-person events, and creating hybrid versions that incorporate both in-person and virtual […]

RunSignup July Newsletter

Fun with Challenges Virtual Challenges got another round of updates this month, with more digital rewards in the form of milestones, badges, and milestone notifications. With all the rapid releases to Challenges over the previous months, we decided it was a good time take stock of some of the creative and innovative ways that customers […]

RunSignup April Newsletter

Make Money, Save Money The novel coronavirus has rocked the endurance industry, freezing in-person events and the income stream that comes with them.  While the future is unknown, we are seeing a rebound – not because things are returning to normal, but because the industry is full of innovative and resourceful race directors, timers, and […]

RunSignup March Newsletter

COVID-19 and the Endurance Industry Like everything about March 2020, this month’s newsletter is a little different from our standard roundup of technology updates. We’ve sent a lot of emails recently, but with more and more races modifying their events, we wanted to use this newsletter as a central resource for your path forward. First up: we’re […]

RunSignup February Newsletter

Customer Success Stories February 17, 2020 was a big day for our customers, with RunSignup processing over $3.4 million across 50,000 registrations. In addition to everyday race registrations, the day saw a 30,000 person lottery drawing for the Blue Cross Broad Street Run, a 1,400 person drawing for the Horribly Hilly Hundreds, and two sellout […]

GiveSignup Newsletter, February 2020 We are happy to introduce our new GiveSignup website. We feature more of our characters who represent the different ways your nonprofit can generate revenue and engage supporters on GiveSignup: Run/Walk/Rides, Donation Websites, and Ticket Events. The new website design has a single and simple call to action: Get started free.  When you get started free, […]

RunSignup January Newsletter

2019 RaceTrends Report Shows 1.0% Participant Growth Our 2019 RaceTrends Report, an annual analysis of the state of the endurance industry is out now! Released at our inaugural 2019 Winter Symposium, the report was built by mining RunSignup registration and finisher data over a five-year period to generate transparent statistics, identify trends in the industry, […]

GiveSignup January Newsletter

2019 RaceTrends Report Our 2019 RaceTrends Report is here! The report uses the 50,000+ races, runs, walks, and rides and 7+ million participants who registered on our site in 2019 to evaluate the state of the US market. The report includes data and insights on endurance event giving trends: Fundraisers who linked their RunSignup fundraising […]

GiveSignup November Newsletter

Introducing Cover Pages for Ticket Events With GiveSignup’s free ticket event websites, any nonprofit can create real websites for all of their ticket events with a custom domain or subdomain, built-in security, mobile responsiveness, SEO optimization, and integrated event information. Cover pages take branding to the next level, with an easy point-and-click builder that allows a nonprofit to create unique […]

RunSignup October Newsletter

Holiday Racing Season is Here! It’s time for Zombie Runs, Turkey Trots, and Reindeer Romps! Are you ready for RaceDay? Thanksgiving is the largest running day in the United States, with 408 races and 423,306 Thanksgiving morning participants registered on RunSignup in 2018. With all that competition, it can be hard to stand out. Get […]

RunSignup September Newsletter 2019

Powerful New Source Tracking From RaceCRM and RaceInsights Track Registration Source by Individual Race Directors have a new tool to build better, more intelligent marketing campaigns with new RaceInsights data accessible from the RaceCRM. RaceInsights is the engine that tracks traffic source (such as Facebook, a specific email, or a custom digital marketing activity) to […]

GiveSignup August Newsletter

GiveSignup–Built for Nonprofits Grow your nonprofit events and raise more by setting up your next nonprofit ticketed event on GiveSignup. Free events are always free on our platform, so you can easily use GiveSignup for your next free or volunteer ticketed event. Raise More with Facebook Fundraisers Nonprofits can raise more and save time with […]

RunSignup July Newsletter

Top News: Introducing GiveSignup, a Free Technology Platform for Nonprofits Nonprofits can raise more and save time with this new technology suite. GiveSignup is built on the foundations of RunSignup, and designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. GiveSignup is an all-in-one and open platform to power nonprofit revenue generation and supporter engagement. What’s included? Nonprofit Ticket […]

RunSignup May Newsletter

Top News: RunSignup for Nonprofits Early Adopter Program More than 8,000 RunSignup customers are nonprofits, and more than 95% are connected to a nonprofit in some way. Our customers have been telling us that they want to use RunSignup’s free all-in-one platform and low processing fees for their nonprofit events, websites, and donation and fundraising […]

RunSignup March Newsletter

Top News: March 2019 Race Registration Market Analysis The endurance industry is built on a diverse set of technology platforms with no centralized data aggregator, making it challenging to estimate the true market. In September 2015 we started a project to continuously evaluate (and update) the size and status of the market. During that time, […]

RunSignup February Newsletter

Top News: 2019 RunSignup Symposium and More Learning Registration is now open for the 2019 RunSignup Symposium, to be held in Philadelphia July 15th-17th. In its sixth year, the core of the Symposium remains unchanged: three days with a laser-sharp focus on collaborative education, technology, and networking with events from around the country. Following a sell-out […]

RunSignUp December Newsletter

Top News: 2018 Year in Review We’re heading into our 10th year! 2018 was an amazing year for us, with 17,686 races using our services to register 5M+ participants and process more than $200,000,000 in transactions. The numbers don’t tell the whole story though – it’s our technology that drives our business, and we delivered […]

Top News: New Native Check-In App

Top News: New Native Check-In App We have a new release of one of our most popular RaceDay tools: the CheckIn App. Our previous version was used by over 1,800 races to check-in over 700,000 participants. The new app improves stability, performance, and scalability, with speedy searches of 50,000 participants. Improvements include: Edits of personal […]

RunSignUp August Newsletter

Top News: Introducing Marketplace We have released Marketplace, a new hub for race directors and timers to connect with dozens of vendors and services that we have partnered with. Why Marketplace? At RunSignUp, we strive to bring choice to races. We are an open platform, ensuring that our customers can select the best options for their events, […]

RunSignUp June Newsletter

June’s Top News: Multi-Race Bundles Race Directors have a powerful new tool to drive registrations: Multi-Race Bundles. Offer participants specially priced bundles that include multiple races. Cross-promote events by using popular races to drive participation in newer ones and providing motivation for athletes to participate in multiple races throughout the year. For directors with several […]

RunSignUp May Newsletter

  May’s Top News: Custom Source Tracking for RaceInsights RaceInsights, our analytics machine that tracks every click, registration, and transaction on your race website, can now track custom sources to provide a granular look at your marketing ROI. Set up custom URL’s to use for specific campaigns – a Facebook Ad, a promotion from a […]

RunSignUp April Newsletter

Top News: Participant CRM Notes Throughout the last year, we have gradually expanded the CRM capabilities at the core of your RunSignUp participant management, making it easy to view current and previous data about participants from a single participant report. Now, you can also track your interactions with them via Notes, a text field that allows race […]

RunSignUp February Newsletter

February’s Top News RunSignUp Releases Second Annual RaceTrends Report: We have released our 2018 RaceTrends Report covering significant trends in race growth, race promotion, registration, fundraising, and RaceDay technology with raw data and actionable takeaways. A few key insights: Twenty-six percent of participants of 10K’s were repeat participants to that event, whereas marathons, triathlons, and ultramarathons retained 13%, 8%, […]

RunSignUp November Newsletter

November’s Top News Introducing RaceInsights: In today’s increasingly competitive endurance events market, effective marketing is critical to converting runners into registrants. With RaceInsights, powered by RunSignUp Analytics, we integrate your race’s data in a new, unified platform to give you practical business insights and help you maximize your event’s value while optimizing revenue. As race directors, […]

RunSignUp June Newsletter

June’s Top News RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium: Register before 7/1 to beat the final price increase! Our Tuesday agenda is packed with an impressive set of experienced presenters on a broad range of topics, including race promotion with referrals & social media, sponsor management, logistics for a race management company, motivating fundraisers, improving the race experience through participant […]

RunSignUp February 2017 Newsletter

February’s Top News Just Released: The First Annual RunSignUp Registration Trends Report! We have mined the 31,000+ events on RunSignUp in 2016 and those from 2015 to take a comprehensive look at both traditional running races and broadly defined next generation endurance events that are often untimed. The report – which indicates an overall growth of […]

RunSignUp January Newsletter

January’s Top News We announced a new partnership, the first of its kind, between RunSignUp, ChronoTrack, and Athlinks: The companies will work to tightly integrate their solutions, providing an open platform for customers to select the right components for them, and new pricing and packaging bundles that will provide significant benefits for participants, race directors, and timers. […]

November 2013 Race Director Newsletter

Timer – Race Director Collaboration The key to a successful race is having great collaboration between the timer and the race director. Timers have a wealth of knowledge and experience since they work with dozens of races each year and know the best practices. The Race Director, which is one of the leading scoring and […]