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Top News: Participant CRM Notes

Throughout the last year, we have gradually expanded the CRM capabilities at the core of your RunSignUp participant management, making it easy to view current and previous data about participants from a single participant report. Now, you can also track your interactions with them via Notes, a text field that allows race directors to add internal comments about participants. A race director can see all notes for a participant for all races that they have admin access to, regardless of who wrote the note; they cannot see notes for a participant that were created in a race for which they are not an admin.


Best of the Blog: Race Director Resources

Team Updates


April brought a host of updates to groups & teams! These include new Team Captain options, the ability for Team Captains to invite people to join their team, and unique answer custom questions for relay teams. If you want to see even MORE team updates, we have those too – including Event Soft Caps and a Tooltip for team pricing.


Easy Images


Customize your Race Website and emails with an easy image upload! The image editor is available both in your custom content sections/pages, and within your email marketing system (no knowledge of HTML or image hosting required). You can also adjust the image size once it appears in your editor.


Featured Customer: Race Day Events

Drawing2-1We kicked off an updated series of Customer Highlights with a look at Race Day Events,  a partner we  have worked with since 2014. Read how we took on their challenge of improving reporting to save them time and allow them to focus on better marketing for the events they work with.


Club Membership Improvements

Drawing2-2Clubs got a major update in advance of the RRCA Convention.There’s a new look for the Club Dashboard, and we fulfilled an oft-repeated request: Member numbers. Clubs can now assign permanent club member numbers that will follow them across multiple years and memberships.


More April Blog Updates

Racing with RaceJoy

New RaceJoy Wizard!


The RaceJoy wizard screens have been redesigned to make the process easier and to ensure readability outdoors on RacDay. Using more vibrant, contrasting colors, you can now get RaceDay ready on-site, even on the sunniest of days.

April saw RaceJoy significant usage in long-distance endurance relaysthe Hogeye Marathon & Relays, and the Kentucky Derby Festival, but also some issues (and a learning experience) at Glass City.


RunSignUp News

RunSignUp 2018 Q1 Results

Drawing2-3There have been big market shifts in the registration industry recently, but we saw great numbers in Q1 of 2018. The year started with 23% growth of races, 19% growth in registrations, and 23% growth in total transaction dollars.


Applications for 2018 Community Grant

unnamedOur 2018 RunSignUp Community Grant is now accepting applications from eligible nonprofit organizations. We’re looking for any charities with a primary mission that is focused on the endurance community.


Privacy and Business Models

adsWe have always committed to the philosophy that a race owns their participant data – not us. In the wake of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica news, privacy and business have been at the forefront of national attention. For transparency, we thought it was time to explore and explain our practices.


Updated Payment Account Requirements

dollarAs part of our ongoing efforts to improve financial and security processes, we are instituting additional controls on new payment accounts, including collecting additional information on owners, entered by individuals with significant control over the entity.


More RunSignUp News from April

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