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Random Question Response

We recently had a race that wanted an option to pick a random response to the question of which officer they were running in honor of since there were 900 officers that could have been chosen. This can be setup in the Question setup page:   This shows as a button during registration: Note also,... Continue Reading →

Registrant File Uploads

We have added a way for races to allow or require registrants to upload files during registration. This can be used for races that need to collect medical certificates, result┬áverification forms or camps/events that need permission slips. Registrant File Uploads can be enabled by following these steps: Go to Race>>Registration>>Registrant File Uploads Click Add A... Continue Reading →

Custom Question Reporting

We have expanded the Participant Report to easily do a search based on Custom Questions. We added a button on the Search All Fields to filter on Questions. When this button is clicked, all of your custom questions that have optional answers (not free form word answers) show: Note only one field may be selected... Continue Reading →

Team Captain Questions

We now have an option to ask questions only to Team Captains. This is useful if your race only needs the answers to a team question once, and do not need to ask every team member. It is another checkbox option under each Questions you create. Note that the Answers get tied to the Captain... Continue Reading →