Question Inventory Limits

We have added a new feature to Custom Questions – the ability to set a limit for the total number available to specific options.

The inventory option works for Check boxes, Radio Buttons and Select Menus where there are specific answers to the questions.

When people register, on the Questions page, participants will not see the number available.

When an option inventory reaches 0, the question will no longer appear:

Note the question inventory is actually allocated upon checkout. This means that in a quick sell-out race where multiple people are registering simultaneously, a person might have a failed registration because the question option is no longer available by the time they checked out. They will be redirected back to select another option. So we recommend against using this option on sell-out races.

We do question inventory management across all of the various participant management functions – importing, removing participants, changing question answers, changing events, transferring bibs, etc. (that is the part that made this project difficult to develop!). This is done both when race directors make changes or participants make changes via self-serve.

Finally, you can see the number of options selected directly on the Question dashboard page:

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