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What’s New with the 2018 Community Grant Winners

Every year, our company seeks to give back to the endurance community through our Community Grant Program. This program allows anybody to nominate an endurance-related, nonprofit organization to receive a grant benefitting their cause. Since the beginning of this program, RunSignup has donated over $30,000 dollars to 15 organizations. Grant recipients are narrowed down to... Continue Reading →

Charity Fundraiser Spot Allocation

We are extending our Fundraising platform to allow large races to manage the process of allocating spots to different charities who use a diverse set of fundraising platforms outside of RunSignUp. The big benefit is that the race then gets each fundraiser to go thru the normal registration process and collect all the normal race... Continue Reading →

Hide Charity Option

There is a new option to hide Charities.  This is useful if you might change charities from year to year or wait to resign agreements each year. The setting is on the Edit Charity page:

New Charity Download Report

We have added a simple way for Charities to access a full, downloadable report for all of their donation and fundraising information. It appears on their page where they manage their charity. Note this can work for charities that are supported by multiple races as shown in the report example below:

Delay Donations Until Charity Setup

When races invite their charity partners to process donations directly, this ensures the race does not have to keep track of money coming to them that would then have to be redistributed to their charity partners. We have just added an option to not accept any donations until the charity partner has set up their... Continue Reading →

New Charity Management Page

We have simplified the initial Charity Management page to be a list of Charities where you can Add, Edit, and Delete. We used to list them all, which was difficult to manage if there were a number of charities as in the example below.  

Charity Default Message for Fundraisers

Charities can now set a default message that will appear on each Fundraiser's page. The fundraiser can modify this message, but it provides for better "standard customization" capabilities for charities working with many fundraisers. Note each Charity can set their own message and it will appear when a fundraiser selects to support that charity as... Continue Reading →

Charity Improvements

We have added better ways to allow multiple people within a charity to have access to their RunSignUp charity account. In addition, we now allow charities to enter in their own manual donations. Charity Access From your Profile, clink on My Charities. There is a new option to grant access to others to see reports... Continue Reading →

Donations and Fundraising from Aut2Run

One thing we frequently hear our Partners warn against is the creation of a Race/Run/Walk for fundraising without fully understanding the creativity and labor required to make such an event profitable. Fundraising events can be labor-intensive time vacuums, but they can also be hugely significant fundraising vehicles when done with the right mix of passion, logistics, and... Continue Reading →