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Club Member Numbers

We have (finally!) made an often repeated request to enable clubs to use specific member numbers that do not change each year. We have given a ton of options, as there seem to be a lot of different ways each club wants to administer their member numbers. Combined with some report restructuring and the new... Continue Reading →

New Notification for Club Member Renewal

We previously had the same email notification go to the club member and copied to the club officers (if they wanted) whether a member joined for the first time or renewed. We have added a new Notification for Renewals. You can customize this in the Club Dashboard - just search Notifications.

Club Website Contact Form

We've added the Contact Us form that we have for race websites to reduce spam. Rather than an email address for the club showing, there is now a contact for, which will be forwarded to the club's email address: Clicking the Questions? button will display this: Note we have seen some aggressive shirt and other... Continue Reading →

No More Double Dipping on Club Memberships

When you turn on Club Membership Discounts, and a participant qualifies, they will no longer be eligible for other Member Discounts. This is a further feature added to the previous feature of limiting club membership and age based pricing discounts.