Claiming a Running Club Membership

We have a lot of Running Clubs moving to RunSignUp.  A common challenge of the transition is matching a person on an Excel spreadsheet to a real user logging in.  Show Members

Claim a Membership

We offer a “Claim Account” capability.  This allows a member that was uploaded with an email address a method of claiming their account.

One of the best ways to access this is to post a list of members on your Club page (you can chose to hide this, but this can also solve a lot of common questions. You can see what the list looks like and how a “Claim Membership” appears by some members who were imported.

Claim MembershipWhen someone clicks on the Claim Membership the person will see this dialog and an email with full instructions are sent to them on how to complete the claiming of the membership.  The use of the followup email helps assure proper security.

Here is a video explaining how accounts are claimed:

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