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The Declining Future of Widgets

Over the next year we will be "deprecating" our widgets. As the Java programming language has defined: "You may have heard the term, "self-deprecating humor," or humor that minimizes the speaker's importance. A deprecated class or method is like that. It is no longer important. It is so unimportant, in fact, that you should no longer use it,... Continue Reading →

Partner Results Widget Update

We have made a nice little addition to the Results Widget, with the option to add a custom button at the bottom with a link. This is useful for timers who are moving to RunSignUp, but may have legacy results on another website or there may be another website with other results. Create a Widget... Continue Reading →

Improved Widget Styles

We have made two nice improvements to widget styles. The first is to set full width on a widget rather than a specific width like 600 pixels. This will fill the available space in the area you place the widget. For example, this page below is showing a Sponsor Widget: The second improvement is matching... Continue Reading →

Race Calendar Widget Update

We have made an update to allow links in the Race Calendar Widget used by stores, clubs and timing sites to open up a new browser Tab directly to the RunSignUp Race page. The setting is found under the Partner Dashboard under Widget -> Widget Style:

Exclude Race Results Listing Widget

We have added the ability exclude certain Race or Timer results from the Results Listing Widget that many running stores, partners and timers use to automatically show results as they are posted. This option is available to Partners on their Widget Creation or Edit page.

Matching Gifts

We have done an integration with HEP Data to provide an easy way for donors to find out if their companies have a matching gift program and how to process those matching gifts. Below is an example: To set this up, go to the Donations -> Basic Setup -> Display Settings That will bring up a... Continue Reading →

Hide Virtual Races on Calendar Widgets

We have added an option to remove the listing of virtual races from Race Calendar widgets that many clubs, timers and websites use to show a list of races in their area.  This option appears in the Calendar configuration area where you set up your widgets.