The Declining Future of Widgets

Over the next year we will be “deprecating” our widgets. As the Java programming language has defined: “You may have heard the term, “self-deprecating humor,” or humor that minimizes the speaker’s importance. A deprecated class or method is like that. It is no longer important. It is so unimportant, in fact, that you should no longer use it, […]

Race Calendar Options

Race Calendar Widgets are a quick and easy way for running stores, clubs and timers to put a list of races on their website. We have added a few options to allow for: Customize title to something other than “Race” – this is useful for Clubs who might have a training run calendar Highlight specific […]

Fundraiser and Race Series Widgets Added

We have added a couple of new widgets. The first is a list of Top Fundraisers.  You have the ability to set the number of fundraisers who appear, and as usual customize the look and feel to match your website.   The second widget is for Partners only, and allows you to create a Race […]

Add Race Widget Customization

You can now customize the “Add Race” Widget that many running stores and clubs use to enable races to post on their race calendar by renaming “Race” to something else, like “Event”. In the Widget Creation, you select the “Add Race Widget” (top red circle), and then rename the word “Race” to whatever you want, […]

Widget Creation and Editing Simplified

Widget are the way to embed RunSignUp pages directly on your own website (kind of like how you can embed YouTube videos on your website). We have simplified the Creation and Editing of Widgets by breaking them into two pieces. The Widget Creation allows you to set the name, pick the widget type (like Race […]

How Great Technology Enables Marketplace Differentiation

At RunSignUp, we’re technology nerds. We love thinking of – and then creating – fancy new features and functionality, but in a vacuum that technology is useless.  Andy Harris from Columbus Running Company gave a great presentation at the 2015 RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium on harnessing technology options to make your race stand out. Topics covered […]

Widget Setup Changes for New Website Support

As we transition all of the pages for the new Race Website, we have also introduced the ability to use the new Color Customization to widgets. During the transition period (until around the end of September, 2015) the old color styling will also be available for older pages. During the transition period, if you want […]

Tomoka Marathon Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Tomoka Marathon Case Study focuses on using RunSignUp as a central data point for everything from registration to race day and volunteer coordination.  View the PDF Version of the Tomoka Marathon […]

Donor and Fundraising Goal Widgets

Now you can put a scrolling list of donors anywhere on your website, as well as our cool fundraising goal wheel. The example on the right shows each widget. These widgets can be placed anywhere on your website with a simple line of code. Building these widgets is simple. Go to the Promotion -> Widget […]

Birmingham Track Club Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Ventura Marathon Case Study focuses on Self-Service Participant Management, Sponsors, and Club Discounts & Cross Promotion.  View the PDF Version of the Birmingham Track Club Case Study Birmingham Track Club […]

Edit Registration Widget

We have added a new widget – “Edit Registration” as one of the widget options that can be created. This widget allows a race to have a webpage to direct people to who want to make changes to their registration. With this widget on your site, runners can now go directly to their registration for […]

Widget with Responsive Design Websites

The RunSignUp Widget now works with Responsive Design websites. The planned new Widget 2.0 release next week will make some of this easier, but the technical documentation is below for completeness: The widget is now responsive to the custom width. The tab colors will need to be overridden in widgetHead.tpl, but the custom width feature […]

Race Listing Widget Beta Overview

How many sites have a list of races?  Timers, Running Stores, Running Clubs all would like to have a current list of races.  And how much of a hassle is it to maintain them?  What if you want others to add to the list in a self-serve manner?  How do you handle the year as […]

Registration on YOUR website – Some example RunSignUp users

RunSignUp is designed to let races do registration right on their own website!  This helps races build their own community, and makes it far simpler for runners. Here is a video showing some examples of races who provide registration right on their own websites: If you want to do this for your race, follow this […]

Winter 2011 Feature Enhancements

Winter Updates – all of these features are currently available: Age-Base Pricing – You can set pricing for multiple age ranges.  RunSignUp automatically calculates the prices so when Mom signs herself and her family up everyone is assigned the right price automatically.  It is accessed via the “Customize” tab and the “Registration” sub-tab in your Race […]