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Timer Websites

RunSignUp has focused a lot of our attention on the relationship between timers and race directors.  Timers are the unheralded core of the road racing world.  Timers will work with 20-300+ races per year, helping tens of thousands of runners gauge their fitness and provide motivation. Over the past several months we have worked with... Continue Reading →

Sites – Photo Gallery example

One of the cool things you can do with Sites is create a photo gallery.  You can see examples of this at and at It is amazingly simple to do.  I created this short video:

Race Director March Newsletter

This month we will discuss how race directors can take advantage of several major features RunSignUp has added - Email Marketing, Custom Widgets, and RunSignUp Sites. Email Marketing Communicating with your runners is important in many ways.  Reminding runners that your race date is approaching and to sign up.  Sending educational emails to make sure... Continue Reading →

No More Fun?

There was an article in the NYTimes today "No More Innovation for the Fun of It".  The point of the article was that many of the big companies like Apple and Google have turned into businesses that really only care about money.  And in that pursuit they do things like capture information and figure out... Continue Reading →

Winter 2011 Feature Enhancements

Winter Updates - all of these features are currently available: Age-Base Pricing - You can set pricing for multiple age ranges.  RunSignUp automatically calculates the prices so when Mom signs herself and her family up everyone is assigned the right price automatically.  It is accessed via the "Customize" tab and the "Registration" sub-tab in your Race... Continue Reading →