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New Profile Page Started

We have released the start of the new Profile Page. This will evolve over the coming weeks to provide easier access to the relevant things that participants need and want. Note the increased use of icons for easy browsing, the soft rounded profile picture, and the initials if there is no profile picture. Soon we... Continue Reading →

Delete Sub-Accounts in Profile

Participants can now Delete Sub-Accounts in addition to Making it their own account and transferring to another account. Sub-Accounts get automatically created when a participant signs up themselves and others. For example a wife signs up her husband and daughter for a race - the husband and daughter are now Sub-Accounts. When the daughter gets older,... Continue Reading →

Volunteer Assignments in Runner Profile

We have made a update to the system so users can now see their volunteer assignments directly from their RunSignUp profile. Volunteers can click on the "My Volunteer Assignments" link to view their volunteer commitments and additional volunteer information like start time, end time, location and details: The volunteer information is tied directly to the... Continue Reading →

Updated Profiles with Preferences

We have updated the Profile page and all the associated pages to the new website look and feel. The major feature advance we are introducing is the idea of Preferences. Currently we have preferences for Emergency Contact and Notifications. We will be adding Giveaways and Credit Cards (which will be optional). These get stored automatically... Continue Reading →

Edit Registration Widget

We have added a new widget - "Edit Registration" as one of the widget options that can be created. This widget allows a race to have a webpage to direct people to who want to make changes to their registration. With this widget on your site, runners can now go directly to their registration for... Continue Reading →