Edit Registration Widget

Edit Registration WidgetWe have added a new widget – “Edit Registration” as one of the widget options that can be created. This widget allows a race to have a webpage to direct people to who want to make changes to their registration.

With this widget on your site, runners can now go directly to their registration for the race. Before, runners had to go to their profile page, click on registered races, find the race and then finally get there after a number of clicks.

Registered ExampleParticipant self-management is one of the ways that your race can reduce headaches for you and vastly improve customer service to runners. You determine which features to allow a runner to have access to – refunds, deferment, bib exchange, event switching, changing answers to custom questions, resend confirmation email, etc.

If a participant is not signed up for the event, they get a page like the one below:

Not Registered Example

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