RunScore Results Update

Here is the latest from Alan Jones on RunScore Results Pre-Release advancements: The latest Version Level 2014.12.21 can be downloaded from (assuming you already have a RunScore install): What is working – I hope Have new RunScore Results icon/shortcut thanks to Andrew Sigwart. The main screen now is dark blue so the person […]

Healthy Kids Running Series Case Study

We have a series of Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Healthy Kids Running Series Case Study focuses on setting up a Running Series within RunSignUp, and preparing Community Coordinators to succeed. 

RunScore Results

We are pleased to announce that RunScore has licensed the RunSignUp Results technology platform to create a new offering for RunScore timers – RunScore Results. RunScore Results allows any RunScore timer to simply upload results to the web and provide finish notifications to runners and their friends without the usual complications. If you know how […]

USA Triathlon Integration Upgrade

We have worked with USA Triathlon to create a new and improved integrated registration process with USAT Membership management. This makes it simple for triathletes to sign up for a race and use or get a USAT membership. It also makes it simple for race directors to meet the reporting requirements of USAT. Here is […]

Syracuse Half Marathon Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Syracuse Half Marathon Case Study focuses on creating demand through a premium event, and customizing a race to encourage group participation and donations.  View the PDF Version of the Syracuse […]

Clubs Memberships and One Database

The big advantage of RunsignUp Clubs is having a single database that holds all changes and all information.  All Club Officers can see the current information, and more importantly, club members all can see it as well.  If a club member updates their personal information because they moved or changed emails, that is known to […]

Giving Thanks for Results and Notifications

Thanksgiving has become a big day for races. Just as we are seeing an increase in Thanksgiving Day Races, we believe runner demand for notifications is increasing.  Turkey day was also a big day for us to gauge how our new Results 3.0 system is working for customers.  A few quick facts: Total RunSignUp Registration for Thanksgiving Day: 184 […]

Lessons learned from GoPro Video Results

This Thanksgiving Ron Synup took his GoPro to the Lansing Turkey Trot and filmed the finish line. This is using RunSignUp’s Video Results capability. The top lessons learned: Do not film at super high resolutions and cut down the time that you film. The longer the video and the higher the resolution, the more time […]

Default Answers to Custom Questions

We have added the capability to set a default answer to your custom questions. This will appear in registration with all of our different formats of questions. For example, the setup for the Select menu looks like this: And the runner will see it in the registration path as: Here is an example of the […]

Loyalty Program for Priority Registrants

This year we have had several very large sell out races open registration to prior year participants in various ways. One used a password that was sent to last year’s participants that was the only way  to register for the first week.  Another used our Clubs system to upload all of last year’s participants into […]

Running Club Membership Systems – Leveraging the Cloud

We are seeing more and more Running Clubs making the move to RunSignUp Clubs. We noticed an article in The New York Times this morning about how The Cloud is impacting organizations. It can be easily applied to Running Clubs: Ed Lazowska, who holds a chair in computer science and engineering at the University of […]

Custom Results API – Notifications

We are expanding the Custom Results API to include a mechanism for providing notifications. The concept is that a list of participants can be uploaded to RunSignUp a week or two before a race and participants and their friends and families can then sign up for notifications. When race day comes, the timer will be […]

Giveaway Syncing with The Race Director Software

The Race Director is software many timers use for scoring and timing races. One of the challenges is syncing information from RunSignUp to The Race Director where there are incompatible fields and data. Timers will usually keep very short codes for Giveaways rather than the long descriptions that RunSignUp allows. The Race Director sync utility […]

Updated How To Videos

We have released a bunch of new How To Videos.  These are an important resource for race directors and timers to learn the system, and also get new ideas to implement in your race. Go to and peruse the list. Here are the new videos: This is a […]

Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook has released a new advertising mechanism to help your race target specific audiences rather than just people who Like your page or a demographic target. There are three types of audiences you can custom target: The customer list is interesting since you can upload a list of emails or names and phone numbers. This […]

Playmakers Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Playmakers Case Study focuses on Running Store Race Calendars, registration for Races & Training Teams, and advising local races.  View the PDF Version of the Playmakers Case Study   […]

Importing Old Event Participant Data

You can now import participant data from previous years. This allows race directors to have easier access to all of their data in one place, and also enables some of the nice year over year reporting that RunSignUp offers. Importing old data takes several simple steps. First, on the Import page, you can now add […]

Incremental Report Downloads

You can now download increments of registrants in the Participant Reports. We have not allowed this in the past since we were concerned that with our ability to have multiple race directors, people would overlap their incremental downloads and miss some participants in the overlap. You can now set a “Registration ID” range in the […]

RunSignUp Results Pricing

With the release of RunSignUp Results 3.0, we will be introducing new pricing mechanisms. Races who use RunSignUp for registration will still get free results and notifications. The pricing is really meant to address our customers (especially timers who can not dictate registration providers) who use a mix of registration platforms and want to use […]

RunSignUp Results 3.0

RunSignUp Results 3.0 is now released. There are a number of significant improvements over RunSignUp Results 2.0: Improved User Interface and Kiosk for faster Results viewing and searching. Quick Widget for embedding Results in Timer and Race websites. New Pricing to allow non-RunSignUp races to use RunSignUp Results. Improved API and integration with RunScore and […]

The Great Pumpkin Run Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Great Pumpkin Run Case Study explores the challenges of a Multi-City Race Series, Team Promoting a Race through Groups & Teams, and using Referral Codes. View the PDF Version […]

Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk Case Study focuses on the recruitment and self-service management of Corporate Teams View the PDF Version of the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk Case Study An Introduction to […]

Results Posting API

We have been doing extensive additions to our Results Posting API in advance of some partners who will be private labeling our results platform. This is especially useful for timers or software developers who are creating their own scoring or timing software. By reusing RunSignUp Results, you can take advantage of our scalable platform with […]

Copying Race Coupon Limit of 50,000

We have recently upped the limit to 50,000 coupons that can be copied when creating a new race with the copy feature. We also now automatically remove expired coupons, which will not count against the 50,000 limit. If your race has over 50,000 coupons, we suggest that you keep track of them in separate spreadsheets.  Then […]

Conferences & RunSignUp Building Blocks

Please come see us if you are near any of these conferences this winter! If you do, we will award your travel with a wonderfully squishy building block with your favorite RunSignUp feature on it.  Attend all the conferences and start to build your own RunSignUp wall like the one on the right! Road Race […]

Wanted: Presenters for Race Director/Timer Symposium

We are taking submissions for Presenters for our 2015 Race Director/Timer Symposium, to be held July 6-8 in Philadelphia.  Presenters should be prepared to share their experiences and best practices.  Topics that include RunSignUp technology are great, but the Symposium is a community event for everyone to learn and share; your entire presentation does not need […]

First Data Partial Processing Failure

It looks like some transactions this afternoon about 4:19 PM Eastern were having trouble being processed by First Data.  These are fixed as of 5:12 PM Eastern.  Registrants would have seen an error message stating that the Payment Processor Network is Unavailable and to try again.  Most transactions were going thru, but races may want […]

Security Update – MySQL Database Upgrade

Our cloud provider, Amazon AWS, provided an automated update to our MySQL database service last night. This was to provide a fix to the security report issued by Oracle on Oct. 16. We are happy to report that our highly available configuration allowed our failover database server to be upgraded, and then take the load […]

Volunteer Email Communications

The new Volunteer System has an extensive email communication capabilities built in to facilitate managing coordinators and volunteers. It automatically sends emails to coordinators and volunteers that are added manually. It also provides a mechanism for the volunteer manager and coordinators to send emails. Here is a quick video that shows the major portions of […]

Affiliate Discounts

RunSignUp’s Affiliate Program was designed for partners like who have race calendars. It allows them to easily grab all of the races on RunSignUp and list them automatically on their website. We have a tracking code so we know the source of the runner coming to register on RunSignUp. We’ve taken this idea to a […]

Edit Registration Widget

We have added a new widget – “Edit Registration” as one of the widget options that can be created. This widget allows a race to have a webpage to direct people to who want to make changes to their registration. With this widget on your site, runners can now go directly to their registration for […]