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We have been doing extensive additions to our Results Posting API in advance of some partners who will be private labeling our results platform. This is especially useful for timers or software developers who are creating their own scoring or timing software. By reusing RunSignUp Results, you can take advantage of our scalable platform with features like searchable results, notifications, finisher certificates, individual result pages with QR code capability, pace and age based calculations, divisions and age group reporting, etc. We license this platform on a very affordable basis to help timers get results to runners as quickly and easily as possible.

You can dig into the Results API here. As with all of our API’s, this is open source. That means you can build your own results engine if you want with this API as a wrapper to enable others like RunScore and The Race Director to communicate with you easily.

Here are a couple of the nice new features:

You can now upload alternate events when creating an event set.  This is used for display purposes and if you are doing bib matching

If you send a registration that doesn’t belong to the event(s) for a result set, we still allow it if it is in the same race and year. So there’s not much need for you to use the event switching API anymore.

The Custom Results Page API has been updated so you can add, edit, and reorder rows in a custom report.  This could work well for team results or cross country results and it allows for real-time results.

You can also get a glimpse of the new Results look and feel under development on our test server – for example The API is on production now and the UI pieces will be introduced in mid November, 2014.

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