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USATriathlon Membership Number

We now show the USAT Membership number in several more convenient places. In particular, the Participant Management page for each individual now shows the number: In addition, you can build saved reports that include any of the USAT information:

USATriathlon Membership Delay Explanation

USATriathlon has an 8 hour delay built into their membership data. This means if an triathlete signs up for a membership on the USATriathlon site, it will take 8 hours until their membership number is available in other applications. This can cause frustration on the part of some triathletes who may be trying to sign... Continue Reading →

USAT Membership Transfer Fix

When a Race Director manually transfers a participant's event through the back end the USAT Membership or One Day information now also carry over to the view of the registration if the USAT Event ID is the same for the events.

USA Triathlon Site Issues

THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN CLOSED. ALL SYSTEMS WORKING WELL. USA Triathlon is having intermittent issues with their infrastructure. For most USAT transactions this should not cause a problem because we batch transactions in the background. However, USAT Annual Members who are trying to enter their  membership ID may not be able to be validated. It... Continue Reading →

USA Triathlon 1 hour outage Sept. 30

USA Triathlon will have a one hour outage on Sept. 30. They will be performing a network upgrade starting 9/30/2015 at 11pm until 10/1/2015 at 12am Mountain Time (1 hour in duration). This means our automated mechanism for confirming USAT memberships will not work during that time.

USAT Automated Waiver Enhancements

As every USA Triathlon race director knows, collecting Waivers is important (and a bit frustrating at times!). We have worked with USAT to further streamline and automate the process with the following additions: 1.  Forced Waiver Signature.  If this is combined with the option we have had for a while to only allow one registration... Continue Reading →

USAT Outage – April 28

We received the following notification from USA Triathlon. This will obviously cause some issues and we are considering our options for during the outage and also trying to understand the implications for triathletes and race directors after the new membership system is installed. We are considering disabling all USAT registrations during their down time as... Continue Reading →

Unsigned USAT Waivers

We've heard a little confusion about the USA Triathlon Integration that we released in December.  To clarify the USAT mandated process (and how you may have ended up with unsigned waivers): Your athletes are prompted to sign the waiver within registration.  However, to comply with USAT requirements, there is also an option to sign the... Continue Reading →