Unsigned USAT Waivers

We’ve heard a little confusion about the USA Triathlon Integration that we released in December.  To clarify the USAT mandated process (and how you may have ended up with unsigned waivers):

  • Your athletes are prompted to sign the waiver within registration.  However, to comply with USAT requirements, there is also an option to sign the waiver later.  This option is necessary because in some cases, the person filling out the registration is not the athlete (ie, you signing up your friend), and therefore cannot sign the waiver.
  • Those athletes with unsigned waivers are automatically communicated to USAT for followup.  USAT will attempt to get them to sign the waiver.
  • Any waivers that remain unsigned by event date will need to be collected by you at the event.  You can find the list of waivers and signature status by going to Reports -> USAT -> Participant Waivers. Note: waivers signed before 12/18/14 will show as unsigned, but are.


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