New Year’s Day Dash Begins the Year with RaceJoy!

The 11th Annual New Year’s Day Dash will be held on January 1, 2016, at Quaker Steak & Lube in Middleton, WI. This race offers two course options a 5-mile chip-timed run and 2-mile walk. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Huntington’s Disease Society of America. They start the year off right with a […]

Race Calendar Options

Race Calendar Widgets are a quick and easy way for running stores, clubs and timers to put a list of races on their website. We have added a few options to allow for: Customize title to something other than “Race” – this is useful for Clubs who might have a training run calendar Highlight specific […]

RaceJoy Self Serve for Race Directors

You can now easily add RaceJoy capabilities to your race. RaceJoy is now a first level menu option in your Race Director Dashboard, with a wizard that allows you to do a number of things including creating a map, selecting a buy-out option, and uploading logos and sponsor information. Map Building This is now in […]

RaceJoy Buy-out

We are introducing a new generation of RaceJoy integration with RunSignUp with Multiple race Buy-Out options and Self-Serve Map Creation and enablement. RaceJoy is a great way to make your race stand out – bring new levels of social engagement to the race. Allowing spectators to track runners in real time, send cheers and for runners to […]

Partner Website – Facebook and Twitter Feeds

We have added the ability to add Twitter and Facebook Feeds to partner Websites (these will be coming to Race and Club sites soon). These should be put into the Sidebar as they do not look good in full page mode: These are simply Integrated Components that can be selected when you build a new […]

Partner Website – Race Series Maps

We have added the ability to have a national map showing all locations of partner races as well as a grid view that is perfect for race series as part of our Partner Website capability. Coupled with this is a new Grid View that shows each location as a “card” with the ability to upload […]

Happy Festivus: An Airing of Grievances

In keeping with the traditions of Festivus, we have a few grievances to air: Runners…We have a problem with your procrastination (Race Day registration, anyone?!), your insistence on registering on your phones, wanting us to remember your credit card info, and your expectation that results be instant and easily accessible. Race Directors…We have a problem with your […]

Add Final Surge Training Plans to Your Race

Guest Blog by Final Surge More races are offering to help guide their runners with training plans. RunSignUp has partnered with Final Surge ( to bring Automated, pre-packaged training plan sales (typically $19.95-29.95 per runners) to the race registration process.  With a few clicks of the mouse, race directors can now enable training plan sales […]

Fundraiser and Race Series Widgets Added

We have added a couple of new widgets. The first is a list of Top Fundraisers.  You have the ability to set the number of fundraisers who appear, and as usual customize the look and feel to match your website.   The second widget is for Partners only, and allows you to create a Race […]

Charity Default Message for Fundraisers

Charities can now set a default message that will appear on each Fundraiser’s page. The fundraiser can modify this message, but it provides for better “standard customization” capabilities for charities working with many fundraisers. Note each Charity can set their own message and it will appear when a fundraiser selects to support that charity as […]

Google Universal Analytics

We have added support for the new Google Universal Analytics tracking. This is particularly important for races with their own websites who either have a RunSignUp widget or redirect to the RunSignUp site for registration. If you use an old Google Analytics tracking mechanism, it is now suggested by Google to upgrade. The new tracking […]

RunSignUp 2015 Year in Review

We have had another amazing year. Customer adoption of our technology is confirming our strategy and hard work to focus specifically on the Endurance marketplace. We love this market because customers are great, and in spite of the plethora of vendors, there is a real need for more advanced technology to process monetary transactions, promote […]

Partner Website Race Listing Options

We have added several race listing options. For example, there is new “Condensed View” which is clean and slick (and look awesome on mobile devices): We have also added other options to the Upcoming Race list: Use the race location as the race name Include other Race ID’s in your race list (beyond just the […]

EMail Subscription Form for Partner Websites

We have added an integrated Component that you can now set in a Custom Section and add to any Partner page that allows visitors to sign up for your newsletter. You simply select the “Email Subscription Form” Component, and which email list you want them to go into (you can set a New List in […]

Add Race Widget Customization

You can now customize the “Add Race” Widget that many running stores and clubs use to enable races to post on their race calendar by renaming “Race” to something else, like “Event”. In the Widget Creation, you select the “Add Race Widget” (top red circle), and then rename the word “Race” to whatever you want, […]

Saved Credit Card Stats

The ability for participants to store their credit cards was introduced about a month ago. In the first week and a half of December, we are seeing 14.2% of transactions choosing the save their cards. Even more impressively is that 4.9% of transactions are being processed with previously saved credit cards. This means two things: […]

Widget Creation and Editing Simplified

Widget are the way to embed RunSignUp pages directly on your own website (kind of like how you can embed YouTube videos on your website). We have simplified the Creation and Editing of Widgets by breaking them into two pieces. The Widget Creation allows you to set the name, pick the widget type (like Race […]

RunScore Results Improvements

RunScore Results save made an improvement that users have been asking for to the incremental upload capability. Before you could only designate one file to do incremental uploads as the race is going. Now you can have multiple files active. They can all be checking the same RunScore event or different ones. This is still beta code (December, 2015) so […]

Team/Group Leaders on Participants Report

You can now add a column to the Participant Report to show the Group/Team leaders for each group. This is just a new field to select in the “Customize View” of the Participant Report Options:   You can then export the data into a Google Sheet or download it into a spreadsheet if you still […]

RunSignUp and RunnersConnect Partner for Race Training Plans and Coaching

December 8, 2015 – RunSignUp and RunnersConnect are partnering to offer races access to training plans specific to their race. Races can opt to work with RunnersConnect for customized race training plans that help their participants train together, encourage them to follow each other’s progress, and extend the excitement of race day to the entire […]

Hiding Registration Fields for Faster Registration

As another setup towards our goal of faster registration, we have now given race directors the option to hide fields from users so they do not have to enter them. This is configured on the Registration setup page either in the Wizard or the Dashboard. Currently the options are the ones below, and this will […]

Charity Improvements

We have added better ways to allow multiple people within a charity to have access to their RunSignUp charity account. In addition, we now allow charities to enter in their own manual donations. Charity Access From your Profile, clink on My Charities. There is a new option to grant access to others to see reports […]

A Face for Your Race: Free Race Websites

Your Race Website is the face of your race. What makes a (free) RunSignUp Race Website beneficial? It provides maximum visibility and centralized information on a platform that is flexible and mobile friendly. More information about creating and customizing your Race Website: Major Race Website Changes are Here! Free Race Websites New Race Website Mobile […]

Space Coast Marathon Weekend Blasted Off with RaceJoy! 43,600 Progress Alerts at Warp Speed!

This last weekend’s Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon in Cape Canaveral, Florida offered participants some serious medal bling, a fun venue and the latest in race day technology with RaceJoy. The Space Coast Marathon has been a long-standing local favorite and has grown in popularity as a destination race attracting people from across the […]

Donation & Fundraising V3.0

We have implemented a new user interface and flow for donations and fundraising based on feedback from the many races. The central concept is to match our new focus on speeding and simplifying Runner Registration and Donations. Donating and becoming a fundraiser all happen on the same page now with plenty of Javascript magic and […]

Free Partner Website Setup

Update: Partner Websites are live on production as of 12/2/2015. We have some customers that were on old WordPress Sites, and those will be shut down at some point and we encourage moving to this new platform. We have extended our Free Race and Club Website capability to our Partners who manage multiple races. The […]

Gobble up some RaceJoy!

Thanksgiving is here and that means the biggest race day of the year! This national holiday brings traditions of family gatherings, the biggest travel day of the year, food comas, football games, and turkey trots all across the country. According to Running USA, Thanksgiving has become the most popular racing day in the country, outpacing […]

Semper Fi Fund Community Athletes Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  View the PDF Version of the Semper Fi Fund Community Athletes Case Study Semper Fi Fund Community Athletes and RunSignUp The Semper Fi Fund Community Athletes program uses RunSignUp to […]

Annapolis Running Classic Offered Free Advanced Runner Tracking!

The Annapolis Running Classic, a half marathon and 10K in Maryland’s Historic Capital City, offered free advanced tracking of runners at the race this weekend through RaceJoy’s mobile app. Typically, participants and spectators pay a 99 cents upgrade fee per race for these advanced tracking features. Race organizers chose to provide RaceJoy’s GPS-based progress alerts […]

Volunteer Updates

We have made a bunch of small updates to the Volunteer System based on customer suggestions. On the report instead of showing “0” available, show task as “Full”. Updated some buttons to clarify actions – like replacing “Volunteer” on a step with “Continue”. We had found some volunteers were dropping out at that point because […]

Fleet Feet Rochester & Buffalo and YellowJacket Racing Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Case Study focuses on how a Running Store, Training Programs, and a Racing Company support each other. View the PDF Version of the Fleet Feet Rochester & Buffalo and YellowJacket […]

Questions User Interface Updated

As we continue on with our revamped User Interface, we have released an updated Custom Questions. The enhancements include a cleaner, more modern user interface, along with improved layout of grouping questions by participant with their Giveaway selection. Here are a couple of examples. THe first shows two runners registering in one transaction. Note how […]

Marathon in Indianapolis Offered a Monumental Experience

The 8th Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, Indiana’s largest and fastest marathon offering a beautiful course highlighting the buildings and monuments in downtown Indy, provided RaceJoy as a runner tracking option at this weekend’s event. In it’s record-breaking year, with more finishers than ever before, approximately 13,820, this was one amazing event for RaceJoy to be a […]

RunSignUp – Built for the Long Run

I (Bob) have taken a bunch of vacation time and had minor surgery that required time off, so I’ve had time to do a lot of reading (Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton (great play!) and Ben Bernanke’s Courage to Act and a bunch of web stuff). I tend toward tech, business and economics reading and the collection of […]