Thanksgiving Stats

TurkeyRonWe are very thankful for all the people who made use of RunSignUp yesterday. We were also thankful our self-serve technology worked so well (and we didn’t have too many support calls!).

Here are the numbers for 2015 Thanksgiving Day:


  • 223 Races used us for Registration
  • 212,000 People Registered via RunSignUp (plus a lot more that were imported)
  • Over 2 Million Emails were sent by these races to promote and communicate with their participants


  • 10 Races used our new Check-In App
  • 12,000 Runners checked in for those races


  • 104 Races used us for Results (including some who did not use us for registration like
  • 36 Races using our Notification System
  • 45,000 Result Notifications sent via TXT and EMail
  • 366,000 Page Views on Thanksgiving Day – mostly looking at Results
  • 61% of those page views were on Apple devices (glad our Results are mobile ready!)
  • 18% of page views were on Android (runners like Apple better it seems)
  • Unknown Hundreds of Thousands being scored with The Race Director


  • 16 RaceJoy Ready Events


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