Free Partner Website Setup

Update: Partner Websites are live on production as of 12/2/2015. We have some customers that were on old WordPress Sites, and those will be shut down at some point and we encourage moving to this new platform. We have extended our Free Race and Club Website capability to our Partners who manage multiple races. The […]

Gobble up some RaceJoy!

Thanksgiving is here and that means the biggest race day of the year! This national holiday brings traditions of family gatherings, the biggest travel day of the year, food comas, football games, and turkey trots all across the country. According to Running USA, Thanksgiving has become the most popular racing day in the country, outpacing […]

Semper Fi Fund Community Athletes Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  View the PDF Version of the Semper Fi Fund Community Athletes Case Study Semper Fi Fund Community Athletes and RunSignUp The Semper Fi Fund Community Athletes program uses RunSignUp to […]

Annapolis Running Classic Offered Free Advanced Runner Tracking!

The Annapolis Running Classic, a half marathon and 10K in Maryland’s Historic Capital City, offered free advanced tracking of runners at the race this weekend through RaceJoy’s mobile app. Typically, participants and spectators pay a 99 cents upgrade fee per race for these advanced tracking features. Race organizers chose to provide RaceJoy’s GPS-based progress alerts […]

Volunteer Updates

We have made a bunch of small updates to the Volunteer System based on customer suggestions. On the report instead of showing “0” available, show task as “Full”. Updated some buttons to clarify actions – like replacing “Volunteer” on a step with “Continue”. We had found some volunteers were dropping out at that point because […]

Fleet Feet Rochester & Buffalo and YellowJacket Racing Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Case Study focuses on how a Running Store, Training Programs, and a Racing Company support each other. View the PDF Version of the Fleet Feet Rochester & Buffalo and YellowJacket […]

Questions User Interface Updated

As we continue on with our revamped User Interface, we have released an updated Custom Questions. The enhancements include a cleaner, more modern user interface, along with improved layout of grouping questions by participant with their Giveaway selection. Here are a couple of examples. THe first shows two runners registering in one transaction. Note how […]

Marathon in Indianapolis Offered a Monumental Experience

The 8th Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, Indiana’s largest and fastest marathon offering a beautiful course highlighting the buildings and monuments in downtown Indy, provided RaceJoy as a runner tracking option at this weekend’s event. In it’s record-breaking year, with more finishers than ever before, approximately 13,820, this was one amazing event for RaceJoy to be a […]

RunSignUp – Built for the Long Run

I (Bob) have taken a bunch of vacation time and had minor surgery that required time off, so I’ve had time to do a lot of reading (Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton (great play!) and Ben Bernanke’s Courage to Act and a bunch of web stuff). I tend toward tech, business and economics reading and the collection of […]

Volunteer Assignments in Runner Profile

We have made a update to the system so users can now see their volunteer assignments directly from their RunSignUp profile. Volunteers can click on the “My Volunteer Assignments” link to view their volunteer commitments and additional volunteer information like start time, end time, location and details: The volunteer information is tied directly to the […]

Custom “Event” text for races

We have added the ability for races to customize the “event” wording on the front-end of the registration page. This is particularly helpful for races with waves or tournaments, where the word “event” doesn’t exactly meet their needs. The custom event text can be implemented on STEP 5 of the Race Wizard.  Once the change is […]

RunSignUp and Next Generation Race Series’

USA Today published an article this week on Obstacle Races Going Mainstream. It’s certainly a trend that we have noticed and commented on in the past, and one that we think about when deciding what improvements to make to our system. We’ve blogged before about about some of the ways our system is used by Next Generation […]

USA Triathlon Membership Pricing Changes Coming

USA Triathlon has notified us of their plans to increase Membership Pricing effective January, 1, 2016. Our integration with USATriathlon will change effective that day as we.. Here is their notice: UPCOMING CHANGE For the first time in four years, USA Triathlon is increasing the adult annual membership fee $5, from $45 to $50, and […]