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Coronavirus Impact Week 5

Please see for recommendations and tools. Things have changed drastically in Week 4 ending Saturday March 21, 2020 from Week 4, Week 3 and Week 2.  The transaction volume we saw the past week is 81% lower than the same week last year (and since we were seeing growth of 29% from Jan. 1- Mar 7 because of more... Continue Reading →

Post Race Payment Policy Update

The Coronavirus is impacting us all. We did a webinar that explains chargeback liability as well as these new reserve and payment policies on Wednesday this past week. If you want to hear the logic behind all of this, please watch the webinar. Before we go into the details, let me emphasize that these are... Continue Reading →

Small Business Resources

We have added a new section Business Resources section to our Coronavirus Resource Site with two pages: Small Business Financial Resources with links to information about national SBA loans, private program, and local initiatives.Industry Action with information about petitions, letter campaigns, and other collective action that could benefit the industry. Both of these resources are... Continue Reading →

Community Roundup

We wanted to take a minute to check back in with the endurance community to see what industry leaders are seeing and doing in their areas to keep running forward. A Virtual Running Store, A Virtual Community Like many running stores, Philadelphia Runner does more than sell shoes - they run multiple group runs each... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus Impact Week 4

Please see for recommendations and tools. Things have changed drastically in Week 4 ending Saturday March 21, 2020 from Week 3 and Week 2.  We have decided to throw out the YOY comparison we were using as so many events have postponed or cancelled this year's event they are now useless. The overall volume of transactions decreased... Continue Reading →

Ann Arbor Marathon Offers Week of RaceJoy

Like many events, the Probility Ann Arbor Marathon converted its race to a virtual event in response to Covid 19 and the need for social distancing. Finishers still get a medal and t-shirt and are able to complete the official course routes. What is different? Participants complete their chosen course within a span of a... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus Tools: Where are we Today?

It's been a crazy few weeks since Bob first posted some suggestions for races that may be impacted by the Coronavirus. Now, with races across the country getting creative, we wanted to take a moment to collect all the updates in one place. Postponement Tool The Postponement Tool (which can be used for more than... Continue Reading →