Playlist Support Added to Websites

We have added Apple and Spotify Playlist support directly into websites. Simply add your Apple or Spotify Playlist ID to a custom content section and it will appear on your website: As Race Roster helpfully pointed out, it is fun to add a playlist that helps define your race. Especially with virtual races, music is […]

Using our own Free Race Websites

Over the past few weeks, we have had to put out a LOT of information quickly. We wanted to do that with a website. However, our main website has a lot of restrictions on it for PCI compliance purposes where every line of change requires code review and special deployment procedures. This put several people […]

Custom Countdown for Cover Pages

We have added another feature to cover pages – Custom Countdown Clock. Like all cover page components, it is simple to add and set up – and takes effect immediately. Yet another reason to use free RunSignup Websites to help save money, improve your brand, and offer participants all the information in one place.

Net Promoter Score Survey

We have added a Net Promoter Score Survey to every race at the bottom of the main Race Info page as another great addition to your free Race Website. Net Promoter Scores have become the standard way of evaluating your level of customer satisfaction. It measures how likely your customers are to recommend your product […]

Donations and Fundraising: COVID-19 Webinar Recap

Further your mission–but first, take care of your people This is and will continue to be an extremely difficult time for nonprofits. It’s time to go back to basics: engage your communities. People need connection more than ever. Focus on your employees, beneficiaries, and volunteers first, and keep any donations and fundraising messaging simple, actionable, […]

2020 Winter Symposium: Corporate Team Events and A Better Website Solution

Still looking for video recordings of our 2020 Winter Symposium sessions? We have our presentation slides available now and are continuing to upload videos on our YouTube Channel. For now, enjoy our next two sessions: Corporate Team Events With Eric Cone and Matt Sinclair Corporate Teams are a unique way to drive registrations by allowing […]

Customize Sign Up and Donate Buttons

You can now customize the Sign Up and Donate call to action buttons at the top of your race website. There are two big updates: You can change Sign Up to any call to action, such as “Register” (15 character maximum) You can add a subtitle to the call to action button (25 character maximum) […]

Email Capture Pop-Up for Races

Grow your email lists and convert anonymous website visitors to real participant and donor leads with RunSignup’s new Email Capture pop-up. Create and customize a sleek email capture form in seconds: no developer required, the pop-up works immediately on your race website, and, like all RunSignup features, it’s free. Convert website visitors into participants and […]

Custom Content UX Update

We released a big UX update to make it easy for you to manage, add to, and edit your race website’s custom content. All of your race’s existing custom content has been condensed into easy to manage tiles that you can simply click to edit and update. Here is the before and after: The updates […]

Website Cover Page Data Components

As discussed when we first announced Cover Pages, we are beginning to add live data components to cover pages. We have added three, with many more to come over the next two months: Event Tiles – the squares that appear on a normal race or nonprofit ticket website now appear on your cover page. Top […]

Symposium 2019: Designing a Professional Race Website

Your brand is important. That’s why we continue to create features for you to make your RunSignup site your own. Over the past year, we’ve released several features so you can take your race website one step further. This year, we had RunSignup’s Matt Sinclair hold a session at Symposium to run you through how […]

Symposium 2019: RunSignup 101

At our Symposium, we like to include a wide range of presentations to cover features across the platform. RunSignup 101 gives customers who are new to the RunSignup platform a detailed look into creating a race with RunSignup. We’ll walk you through the Race Wizard, paying special attention to places where people often get confused. […]

Symposium 2019: Quick Hits

Another Symposium, another Quick Hits presentation. RunSignup Sales Lead Bryan Jenkins is back for his fourth year in a row with a new Quick Hits presentation. You can view the full length video below, or check out our YouTube channel. Need a more condensed version? We’ve summarized the main points below! Your Profile and Dashboards […]

Symposium 2019: The Next 10 Years

The 2019 RunSignup Symposium was our biggest Symposium to date, with over 280 people registered. In this year’s opening presentation, Bob dove into some of the big things coming to RunSignup. Did you miss this year’s Symposium? We recorded all of the presentations to share with our customers. To check out Bob’s opening presentation and […]

Vote for Your Favorite RunSignup Cover Page

Our cover page contest has come to a close, and it’s time for you to vote for your favorite finalist! We’ve narrowed down the top five for you to choose from. To cast your vote, simply go to our Facebook album and like your favorite page. The page with the most likes by July 1st […]

Using SubDomains with RunSignup Websites

In addition to Domains, you can also use SubDomains with RunSignup Websites. This can be very powerful if you already have a primary website and want to reinforce that brand, or you have multiple events on RunSignup and you want to tie them all together with the feel of a single website and domain name. […]

Google Domains Website Example

This feature will be publicly released in mid April, 2019. RunSignup is offering “BYO Domain” to our free website hosting for races and nonprofits. In this example, we bought the domain name on Google Domains, and then pointed that domain to RunsignUp so that name can be used in addition to This blog covers the […]

GoDaddy Domain Website Setup Example

This feature will be publicly released in mid April, 2019. RunSignup is offering “BYO Domain” to our free website hosting for races and nonprofits. In this example, we bought the domain name on GoDaddy, and then pointed that domain to RunsignUp so that name can be used in addition to This blog covers […]

Domains, SSL, DNS and Internet Basics

With the coming release of “BYO Domain” on RunSignup in mid-April 2019, this blogpost is meant to provide you with a basic understanding of how domains work, and the background on what you will need to do to set up your Domain so RunSignup can host your website. The setup process will have two major […]

Interview with Brad McCleary of Bodies Race Company

Bodies Race Company is an event production company out of Kansas City that recently franchised to spread out across the country. We sat down to talk to their President Brad McCleary to talk about how they use RunSignup to support and manage franchises across the country.   Q: What’s a promotion that you’ve found to […]

New Colors and Banner Images for Race Websites

We have refreshed the default color options and banner images we have for race websites. Of course you can choose your own, but most races just opt for the defaults. This is also in preparation for our update of the left menu navigation template in the next couple of weeks (which will automatically update over […]

A Better Race Website

Update: The recorded replay of Build a Better Website Webinar is now available. A race website is an ambassador for your event, telling the world what your race is about and why they should participate… but building and maintaining an independent race website can be time consuming and expensive. RunSignUp race websites solve many of the […]

Redesigned Footers for New Race Website Template

If you haven’t switched your race to the new website template, this is yet another nudge in that direction. We have improved the footer area for the new race website to include all of the links to pages at the bottom of each page, as well as a simple “Contact This Race” link. If you […]

Content Websites vs. Data Driven Websites

A race’s website is their primary means of branding a race, the promotional tool to draw runners, and communicate with participants about important information. Many race website suffer from one or more of the following problems: Old, insecure Not mobile ready Costly to update No one to update Disjointed, inconsistent user experience when jumping between […]

Updated Race Websites – Facebook Feeds, Countdown clock and more

We have released another update to our new Race Websites Template, with some new cool options: Facebook Feed Twitter Feed Countdown clock Event highlight labels Redesigned dashboard page for customization Here is a sample page with the new content and countdown clocks and event highlight: This shows a simple example of the event highlighting: Setup […]

Race Website Improvements

We continue to make continuous improvements on the new Race Website template, with some more improvements expected next week. We will be shifting all new races to this new template by default. Remember you can shift your race website to the new look and feel very easily – just refer to our original announcement on […]

RunSignUp Releases New Race Website Template

Moorestown, NJ – RunSignUp has released a second template option for the 15,000 race websites that are automatically built for all races listed on the site. RunSignUp provides events with a full website (not just a simple webpage) to increase brand visibility, create a hub for all race information, and ensure that all race directors […]

Race Website New Template Beta

Note: The new Race Website has been released on January 2, 2017! Soon after your New Year Eve’s celebration, we will be releasing a major upgrade for Race Websites. This will provide every race with a second, more modern option that has a lot of flexibility in the design. Here is a sample default page: […]

Partner Website Image URL Enables New Display Options

The Philadelphia Marathon is using RunSignUp Sites to drive their dynamic website. We recently created a new feature that allowed them to put nice graphics to highlight new interactive map storyboards (really cool – check them out) on their front page (highlighted by the red box in this screen shot): To do this, simply create […]

Partner Website Home Button

You can now add a custom URL link for the “Home” button on your Partner Website (not available to race websites) that will redirect to another website. This is convenient for timers who are using the nice calendar and result features on Partner Websites, but want to redirect other traffic back to their main website. […]

Large Races Using Partner Websites

We have a couple of large races like the Philadelphia Marathon and the Fifth Third River Bank Run that are now using our Partner Website infrastructure to host their race website. They are finding it more secure than WordPress, and quicker to add content and take advantage of their race database on RunSignUp. And it […]

Jeff Kiesel to lead User Interface and User Experience Refresh

Jeff Kiesel started a couple of weeks ago to lead efforts improving the User Interface and User Experience for both participants and race directors. Jeff worked with us part time a few years ago, and we are lucky he responded to our call for a new UI/UX Developer. Bob has worked with Jeff at two […]

Expanded HTML Support in EMails and Custom Sections

We have added a number of HTML tags, attributes and styles to custom sections and emails. We limit the use of HTML tags in the HTML Tag Editor for security and consistency of the look and feel of RunSignUp. The largest change we have made is on emails, where we now allow images in emails. […]

New How To’s – Event Display, Confirmation Page, and External Links

How to Customize Event Display Options:   How to Add a Confirmation Page Button: How to Include External URLs:

Mobile Race Website Header Option

We have added an option that removes the automatic race name that appears on a race website when in mobile view. For example, the website looks like this: The “Scott Coffee Moorestown Rotary 8K Race” is the race name the system automatically puts on each race website in full view mode. That can now be […]

Partner Websites – Page Meta Description

We have added the capability to set the Meta Description to each page under the Advanced Page Options in each page on Partner Websites. The Meta Description is typically what is shown on a Google Search. For example: The setup is under the Advanced Page Options as you create or edit each page on your Partner […]

How To -Customize Your Race Website

One of the most powerful features of RunSignUp is a free race website. We provide simple tools that have a lot of power to add content, pages, customize menus, etc. Here are a new set of How To tutorials (this is the order that is most useful for new race directors): 1) 2) 3) 4) […]