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Website Cover Page Data Components

As discussed when we first announced Cover Pages, we are beginning to add live data components to cover pages. We have added three, with many more to come over the next two months: Event Tiles - the squares that appear on a normal race or nonprofit ticket website now appear on your cover page.Top FundraisersSocial... Continue Reading →

Symposium 2019: RunSignup 101

At our Symposium, we like to include a wide range of presentations to cover features across the platform. RunSignup 101 gives customers who are new to the RunSignup platform a detailed look into creating a race with RunSignup. We'll walk you through the Race Wizard, paying special attention to places where people often get confused.... Continue Reading →

Symposium 2019: Quick Hits

Another Symposium, another Quick Hits presentation. RunSignup Sales Lead Bryan Jenkins is back for his fourth year in a row with a new Quick Hits presentation. You can view the full length video below, or check out our YouTube channel. Need a more condensed version? We've summarized the main points below! Your Profile and... Continue Reading →

Symposium 2019: The Next 10 Years

The 2019 RunSignup Symposium was our biggest Symposium to date, with over 280 people registered. In this year's opening presentation, Bob dove into some of the big things coming to RunSignup. Did you miss this year's Symposium? We recorded all of the presentations to share with our customers. To check out Bob's opening presentation and... Continue Reading →

ICYMI: Cover Pages Webinar

Missed today's Cover Pages Webinar? Don't worry, we're posting it here so you can hear the good stuff! Below you will find a button that will take you to the webinar, and another button that will take you to the slide deck. Watch the Webinar View the Slides Do you feel like your race website... Continue Reading →

Cover Pages

Cover Pages is a major new feature for Race Websites. It is a great complement to controlling your own domain URL. All race websites, nonprofit ticket event websites and donation websites can have a cover page that is your main website landing page. The normal header with call to action buttons and menu is... Continue Reading →

Using SubDomains with RunSignup Websites

In addition to Domains, you can also use SubDomains with RunSignup Websites. This can be very powerful if you already have a primary website and want to reinforce that brand, or you have multiple events on RunSignup and you want to tie them all together with the feel of a single website and domain name.... Continue Reading →