Playlist Support Added to Websites

We have added Apple and Spotify Playlist support directly into websites. Simply add your Apple or Spotify Playlist ID to a custom content section and it will appear on your website:

As Race Roster helpfully pointed out, it is fun to add a playlist that helps define your race. Especially with virtual races, music is a fun way to help participants feel like they are more a part of your experience. We’ve taken it a step further and made it easy to have your playlists right in your race website – right along with results, challenge logging, photos, sponsors, donors, fundraisers and everything else.

You can add as many playlists as you like – they are just a new media type that we have added to custom content sections:

You need to get the ID from the URL of your Apple or Spotify playlist.

Remember you can adjust where your custom content sections appear on your website. Here is an article and a video that helps you understand how to do improve your race website. But all you need to do it enter that ID and it will appear on your race website:

If you do not see the playlist, your playlist is probably set to private. The easy way to get the right public ID is to share the playlist with yourself. In Apple Music, here are the screens on an iPhone. Click on the “…”, click “Share” and then email it to yourself:

Here is a sample Apple Music URL – Use the string following “us/” – playlist/alternative-workout/pl.7b7f59853efb427c86fe1c359fc175ba.

Here is a sample Spotify URL – Use the string after the “playlist/” – 37i9dQZF1DXdVbxH0H5oTi. Do not include the ? or the string after it.

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