What Happened with Virtual Events in 2022?

This is one of series of blogs we’ll use to break down key endurance industry trends we saw in 2021, and evaluate what they mean for race directors as you prepare for 2022. You can find the full report (and more resources) below, along with additional blogs on the topic. >> How Much Was Race […]

How Much Was Race Participation Impacted by COVID in 2021?

This is the first in a series of blogs we’ll use to break down key endurance industry trends we saw in 2021, and evaluate what they mean for race directors as you prepare for 2022. You can find the full report below. How Did 2021 Race Participation Compare to 2020? This is the good news. […]

Q3 RaceTrends Update

We release an annual RaceTrends Report each winter to provide a thorough assessment of the state of the endurance and fundraising events industry. This year, as event organizers adapt to new conditions, we are pulling a few key metrics each quarter to better evaluate the recovery of the industry. The Data The data used for […]

2020 RaceTrends Report

We have released our annual RaceTrends report, mining our internal data to  evaluate the state of the endurance industry. It goes without saying that this report is unlike any other and every piece of data reflected the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, showing significant participation declines. But the news wasn’t all bleak – the impressive virtual numbers […]

2020 Winter Symposium: Recap and Resources

Our inaugural 2020 Winter Symposium brought together 250+ race directors, timers, nonprofits, and industry professionals for 2 days of education and networking in sunny Orlando, FL. If you made it down to join us, thank you for your time and attention. But if you didn’t, we have plenty for you to catch up on. Presentation […]

Year to Year Participant Declines

We are preparing our yearly Race Trends Report for release at the RunningUSA conference. One of the stats is a comparison of races that happened in 2017 and 2018 where we could measure growth or decline. The Top 1000 Races has a decline in participants of 2.5%, falling 44,589 to 1,777,344 participants. We also track races […]

RaceTrends: When Should I Close Registration?

Answer: You should never close registration. Registration Timeline by Race Distance Our 2017 look at when runners register showed a familiar curve to that of 2016: an early spike leading to a drop and a plateau, followed by another sharp climb. There is some clear differentiation based on race distance – most notably, the early registration […]

RaceTrends: Are You Asking For the “Right” Donations?

It’s no secret that the endurance industry is BIG business for charities large and small. While your local charity 5K will likely find that turning a race into a profitable endeavor is a lot harder (and requires a lot more sponsors) than it looks, it is possible to raise money through your events. Fundraising Event 101: […]

RaceTrends: Are You Priced Out of the Market?

One of the first questions a race director must answer before they can collect registrations is How much does this race cost? The factors that determine a “reasonable” price are wide-ranging; race directors must consider: The base cost to put on their event: timing, local police, permitting, medical staff, RaceDay supplies, etc. What runners get: The […]

RaceTrends: Are Participants Returning?

Among the many marketing questions facing race directors is this one: do you focus your efforts on enticing previous runners to return, or seek out new participants? In an ideal world, the answer is BOTH! However, it’s worth understanding the baseline “normal” expectation for participants to return to assess some of your strengths – and update […]

RunSignUp Releases Second Annual RaceTrends Report

Moorestown, NJ – RunSignUp released their Second Annual RaceTrends Report, coinciding with the kickoff of the Running USA Industry Conference kicking off on Sunday. The report was built by mining the RunSignUp registration data over a three period to generate transparent statistics, identify trends in the industry, and provide recommendations to keep endurance events competitive […]