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Loyalty Program for Multi-Events

We have made it easier to set up the Loyalty Program for races with many events (like wave races). Simply click the "Copy to Other Events" once you have one event set up: And then you will see a popup with a list of other events that you can copy the setting to:

Space Coast Marathon Loyalty Program

The Space Coast Marathon had a successful phased registration opening over the past several days.  They made use of the Loyalty Program as well as adding a Password to registration. The Loyalty Program is available under the Registration Menu on the Race Dashboard and allows you to open up registration to priority registrants before the general... Continue Reading →

Loyalty Program Registration Extended

We have extended the capability of the Loyalty Program to include multiple lists and multiple registration periods. As you may recall, the Loyalty Program allows a race to open up to a select number of participants - most commonly last year's participants. There are often several lists of people that you may open registration to... Continue Reading →