Participant Photo Uploads – Option to Require Approval

We have released a feature that allows races to approve participant photo uploads before they show as public in participant photo albums.  To turn this feature on, navigate to Photos>>Setup on your race dashboard Turn on Allow participants to upload photos Turn on Require Approval For Photo Uploads Click Save Photo Settings Registered participants will […]

Shipping Feature Enhancements

We have released three enhancements to our shipping feature. Collect Shipping Information for certain ADD-ON OPTIONS only: You can now choose to ask for Shipping Address for specific add-ons options You can enable this feature under Race>>Registration>>Shipping In the example below, the shipping address will only be asked if someone chooses to have their bib […]

Team Fundraising Page Co-Captains

Last year, we released a co-captain feature for team fundraising pages. The feature gives team fundraising captains the ability to grant other users captain access for their fundraising team. This is helpful for large fundraising teams or teams that are managed by corporations. Team captains can grant this access from the FUNDRAISING section of their […]

Multi-Race Bundles: Set Minimum & Maximum Races

We have made an enhancement to our Multi-Race Bundle options. You can now set the minimum and the maximum number of races that a multi-race registrant can choose during the registration process. For instance, you can set-up a multi-race bundle and include 10 races. Then, you can configure the settings to force registrants to choose […]

Private Event Registration Option

You can now set up private events that do not display on your race page or event selection page. This is a nice option for races that want to offer private registration to a certain group of people and do not want the event display anywhere during “general” registration. Here are the steps you can […]

Required Fields – Customization Options for Volunteers and Clubs

We have added the ability to customize which fields are required for volunteer and club registration. Before these settings were set at the race level and they could not be customized for volunteers or clubs only. Here are the steps to customize the fields for your volunteer registration: Go to Volunteers>>Setup Scroll to the bottom […]

Repeat Participant Data in Participant Reports

We have added a way to view the repeat participant counts in your participant reports. To view this information, you must first unhide the fields in the report options. You can do this by going to Participants>>View Participants. Select the Report Options drop-down menu and select Hidden Fields: Next, choose which options you would like […]

Referral Names in Participant Profiles

We have added a way for referrers to view the names of their referrals through their RunSignUp profile. Registrants/Referrers can view this information by going to their PROFILE and selecting the MY REFERRALS tab: From there, the referrer will be able to see a list of their referred registrations. We show the first name, last […]

Registrant File Uploads

We have added a way for races to allow or require registrants to upload files during registration. This can be used for races that need to collect medical certificates, result verification forms or camps/events that need permission slips. Registrant File Uploads can be enabled by following these steps: Go to Race>>Registration>>Registrant File Uploads Click Add A […]

Multiple Fundraising Captains

We have added the ability for a Team Fundraising Captain to give access to additional Captains. This is a nice feature for large fundraising teams or corporations where multiple people need access to the team fundraising page. This feature is something that the fundraising captain has access to update on their end, through their RunSignUp profile by […]

Year-Over-Year Fundraising and Donation Report

We have added a Year-Over-Year fundraising and donation report. The report can be access under Donations>>Reports. In the ACTIONS drop-down menu, select Year Over Year Summary. Then, select the Donation Periods you want to compare and hit GENERATE REPORT: This will give you the YOY summary report to compare donation counts, quantities, individual and team fundraiser comparisons, […]

Manual Donation Entry by Bib Number

We have added a bib number field to the Manual Donation Entry screen. This is a quick way to tie offline donations to fundraisers after bib numbers have been assigned: Under Donations>>Manual, click the ADD MANUAL DONATION button. In the pop-up, simply type in the runners bib number and hit SEARCH: RunSignUp will automatically populate […]

Administrator Password for Relay Teams

We have added a setting that allows an administrator password to override Group/Team passwords during onsite registration. We received feedback that many team members don’t actually know their relay team password, which can be confusing during onsite/race day registration. This administrator password can be added in the Kiosk Settings under Go Race Day>>Race Day Registration>>Kiosk Mode. […]

Fundraiser Milestones

We have added “Fundraiser Milestones” as an option in the donation set-up. These are milestones that will display on fundraiser pages once a fundraising threshold has been met. With each milestone, you can set a number of stars to display and milestone text. The Milestones can be set-up under Donations>>Set-up: Once each milestone is reached, the stars […]

Alphabetize Option for Custom Questions

We have added an “ALPHABETIZE” button for checkbox, radio button, and select-menu custom questions. This is a great feature for race directors that add additional question responses after registration is open or just have a long list of responses that aren’t in a certain order. Once you have added the question responses, you can click the […]

Re-Send Volunteer Confirmation Emails

We have added a way for volunteer coordinators to re-send volunteer confirmation emails: Volunteer Coordinators can access this option through Volunteers>>Report>>Report. Once you have located the volunteer, select the MANAGE button in the “Actions” column. At the top of the page, you will see the “Resend Confirmation Email” option field and button.

Automated Emails for Price Increases

We have released a new type of Automated Email for Price Increases. This is a great “set and forget” feature for races to enable during their initial race set-up (or at any time). The automated emails will notify current participants of the next price increase and prompt them to share their referral link (if referrals are turned […]

Multi-Event Pricing with Event Grouping

We have made an enhancement to the multi-event pricing feature that was recently released. Multi-Event pricing now works in conjunction with Event Grouping. If a race has set-up event groups under Race>>Registration>>Event Grouping. The group drop-down menu will appear before the event selection drop-down during registration. (The drop-down box default text can be customized at […]

Corporate Team Name & Link in registration records

This feature will save some administrative time for races with corporate teams. We have added “Corporate Team” as a field in the participant registration record so a race director can easily view a runner’s corporate team affiliation. The team name is also a link for quick and easy access to the corporate team management page. This line […]

Corporate Teams and Age-Based Pricing

We now offer an option to allow for age-based pricing with corporate team registrations. If this option is turned on, the age-based pricing will override any special corporate team pricing the race may have set-up.  This is a very nice option for races where students and/or seniors receive discounts that might be greater than the discounted corporate team pricing. […]

Volunteer Assignments in Runner Profile

We have made a update to the system so users can now see their volunteer assignments directly from their RunSignUp profile. Volunteers can click on the “My Volunteer Assignments” link to view their volunteer commitments and additional volunteer information like start time, end time, location and details: The volunteer information is tied directly to the […]

Custom “Event” text for races

We have added the ability for races to customize the “event” wording on the front-end of the registration page. This is particularly helpful for races with waves or tournaments, where the word “event” doesn’t exactly meet their needs. The custom event text can be implemented on STEP 5 of the Race Wizard.  Once the change is […]

Email Marketing – Resubscribing Emails

We have added the ability to resubscribe recipients to emails at the race, partner and club levels. Occasionally, after a marketing or information email is sent out through the email marketing tools – recipients will accidentally unsubscribe their email from future race/partner/club emails. If this happens and the recipient requests to be “resubscribed” – this can be done under […]

Check-In Reporting Enhancements

We have made some very nice enhancements to our check-in app reports and downloads under Participants>>View Participants. The participant report now includes a “Checked-In” field. This field is automatically included in the all field download, but you can also customize your default report so the field will show on the main participant screen. We also added the option to […]

Repeat Participant Report – Enhancement

We have made a small enhancement to the Repeat Participant Report at the race level. When viewing the report, you now have the option to “Show previously registered participants not registered for this year.” This will populate a report of participants that have participated in previous years, but haven’t yet registered for this year’s event. This […]

Registrant and Member Only- Custom Sections

We have added the ability to create custom sections that can only be seen by current registrants or existing club members. This is a great feature that will allow you to post information, event and club details that can only be accessed after a registration or club membership is completed. This feature can be turned […]