Private Event Registration Option

You can now set up private events that do not display on your race page or event selection page. This is a nice option for races that want to offer private registration to a certain group of people and do not want the event display anywhere during “general” registration.

Here are the steps you can follow to set-up a private event:

  • First, set up the event, pricing, shirt options, etc in the Race Wizard: Race>>Race Wizard
  • Then, go to Race>>Registration>>Dates, Pricing, & Options
  • Expand the Registration Options section for that event

  • Enter a private event code and SAVE the page
  • The link for your race will be shown above the private event code box. Make sure to replace the ABC in the link with the special code you set. For instance, the link for my race is:
  • Now, you can distribute this link to your sponsors or anyone that you would like to allow in your private registration event.

You can see that this event is open for registration through the special link, but it does not appear anywhere on the general race page:

  • Through private link:

  • Race Page Tiles:


3 thoughts on “Private Event Registration Option

  • Can a private event be part of a public multi-race bundle?

    e.g., an event that is only available via a package deal with other races.

    I have one race bundle where I manually up the price of the event and then copy participants from that event to the others as a crude workaround.



    • Yes! This is one of the main reasons we added Private events. A private event CAN be part of a multi-race bundle so people will only be able to view/register for that event as part of a multi-race bundle.

      • Excellent. Looks like I have a bit of work to do this weekend to switch one of my events to private and then setup a multi-event bundle before registration opens on the 1st. 🙂



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