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2019 Largest 100 Races

We have attempted to put together the Largest 100 races that were timed from 2019. We have been accumulating this list for a couple of years (here is 2018). While we try, we may have missed some races, or we might not have the numbers exactly right since this is a manual process. So if... Continue Reading →

Congrats to IMAthlete and Enmotive

Enmotive announced today that they have acquired imATHLETE. This follows on the heels of Gatehouse acquiring Enmotive last year. Gatehouse Live also acquired Rugged Maniac in 2018. Gatehouse was a small division of New Media Investment Group, which owned 150+ newspapers nationwide. New Media acquired Gannett in 2019, which also owned over 150 newspapers including... Continue Reading →

Race Registrations Contracts

We heard a disturbing story about a race who is going to be moving their registration platform, and their former vendor has locked them out of the system. So they are now fighting with that vendor trying to get access to their data. Ouch! While most races want to find a system and then never... Continue Reading →

Tough Mudder Potential Bankruptcy

Bloomberg reported that Tough Mudder creditors are trying to put the company in bankruptcy. "Signs of distress have been hovering, with CEO Kyle McLaughlin departing the company. The company's website says ticket sales have been suspended. Creditors are attempting to push the organizer into bankruptcy over $855,000 they say the company owes them."Bloomberg OCR Media... Continue Reading →

PCI Audit Complete

We have been issued a new Attestation of Compliance for PCI. This is our yearly report issued by an independent auditor that does an annual (and quarterly) multi-dimensional audit of our system and processes to ensure we meet the highest levels of compliance with the credit card industry standards. RunSignup spends considerable effort, and we... Continue Reading →

Welcome Justus Fee

Justus Fee is joining the RunSignup team as a coop student software developer in the Moorestown, NJ office. He's a senior at Rowan University pursuing a Bachelor's in Computer Science and is the first of many Rowan students working with RunSignup as part of the Cooperative Education Program. His programming passion is to create tools... Continue Reading →

RunSignup's Long Term Advantage

A recent article in the NYTimes, Short-Term Thinking Is Poisoning American Business, talks about the short term focus: Public Companies: "being evaluated by investors on their ability to produce immediate financial value, almost always in the form of value-extracting activities such as cost-cutting, price increases, share buybacks or other forms of financial engineering." Private Companies:... Continue Reading →

2019 Year in Review

A Decade. Yep, RunSignup has officially been around for a decade now. In the beginning, we did not really know what to expect. But it is safe to say we greatly exceeded the expectations of customers appreciating what we built. Our very purpose for existing is to provide technology to our endurance and nonprofit customers... Continue Reading →

RunSignup Signs Contract for the Web

Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the Internet, announced the Contract for the Web today. RunSignup has endorsed the contract and pledges to live up to the ideals of a better web. Much of the founding principles of RunSignup came from Open Source principles that are essentially the same as what Tim outlines. We felt... Continue Reading →