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Asics Acquires Race Roster

Our industry consolidation continues. Asics has acquired Race Roster. This is good news for Race Roster's investors. As we have been vocal about the limited valuations of race registration providers, they likely were paid a good profit. This is also good news for Race Roster employees as Asics does have a commitment to this market... Continue Reading →

Q3 2019 RunSignup Results

We do a quarterly update on how things are going with RunSignup (2016, Q1/17, Q2/17, Q3/17, 2017, Q1/18, Q2/18, Q3/18, 2018, Q1/19 and Q2/19). The good news is that more races, timing companies, and nonprofits continue to recommend us. And we keep putting out great technology our customers seem to like! Q3 is always busy for us with our annual RunSignup Summer Symposium where 293 people... Continue Reading →

No Politics…

Being the open company we are, we do not express political points of view, and we respect a diverse set of beliefs among our employees, partners and customers. We also say "No" to events and donation websites on RunSignup and GiveSignup that are for the benefit of a political organization. This means that 527 Groups,... Continue Reading →

Webinar Recap: Sales Tax and Races

Watch the Webinar View the Slides Read the Q and A We will try to provide information as directly as possible, but remember that RunSignup does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for,... Continue Reading →

Sales Tax Webinar Q&A

We held a Sales Tax Webinar on August 21, 2019 to review the status of our Sales Tax implementation work, expected to complete by early October. We had hundreds of people attending and this is a list of the questions asked (trying to remove similar questions). We will try to answer your questions as directly... Continue Reading →

Help Wanted – Sales Representative

Do you… Have a passion for the race endurance and nonprofit industry?Love working with the latest and greatest technology?Want to bring technology solutions to thousands of races and clients in the endurance and nonprofit market?Want to work with a dynamic and cutting-edge tech company that’s using the art of technology to make a difference in... Continue Reading →

Are Races a Good Business?

Jen Miller's NYTimes weekly newsletter contained some more "bad news" about the state of races: "Triathlons appear to be facing the same kind of participation slump that hit running in the mid-2010s: U.S.A. Triathlon’s membership dropped about a quarter over a five-year period. And that’s not all — on July 26, Wanda Sports Group, which owns, among... Continue Reading →

10 Years – the Origin Story

This is Bob. I'm getting a bunch of "Congratulations on your 10th Work Anniversary" on LinkedIn today. At our Symposium, Allison and I talked about this being our 10th year in business and what we have planned for the next 10 years (more of the same in Endurance and, of course GiveSignup for nonprofits). But... Continue Reading →