Founder’s Corner – Development Process

Part of my Founder’s Corner blog series on what, how and why we do things at RunSignup.

Yesterday a group of our developers made a presentation to the Rowan University ACM student members. We have a special connection with Rowan, with 3 full time developers – Phil, Benny and Justus – joining us originally via the intern or coop program we do with the Computer Science department (we also have Nathanael as a current coop student working with us). We also sponsored a project for two classes last semester building a Mobile Timing App.

The 90 minute session was set up by “Professor Quinn” – our very own Phil Quinn who graduated from Rowan with a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science. Phil continues to help others learn and teaches a database course at Rowan. One of the reasons we like to have interns join us is that they get to learn the difference between a classroom project and a real project in a professional development environment. Phil, Benny and Justus wanted to impart a little taste of what we do in our development environment to give students a broader perspective. Bruce also joined to try to help find the next brilliant Rowan intern (we got a number of resumes afterwards and were impressed by the students).

We are likely to do a webinar repeat of this, as it was very well done by the team. Since we operate with a lot of transparency, we want to share what we do and how we do it with our customers so they can have confidence in what we are building. And hopefully it attracts some other bright developers to join us in the future.

Here are the slides. I did a company overview, and Bruce talked about our team and “luxury” offices in a historic old mill building with a hardware store on the first floor. Then the real heart of the presentation follows, reviewing our infrastructure, our code architecture, and our code review and continuous integration process that allows us to push 2,000 releases a year.

Here are some pictures of the team doing the presentation:

Benny going thru a sample code review process using Github.
Jeff and Professor Phil talking about testing and automating code review with a sniffer. Bob’s bald head in the foreground.
Note in the background it was a beautiful 64 degree day outside on a Friday afternoon – so only the true nerds were there 🙂
Benny talking about what he loves.
For the record, Justus is growing his hair out to donate…

Jeff Kohart and Professor Phil

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