Sommer Sports’ Michelle Craske’s Insights

We like to hear from people in the industry to find out more about them and how they use RunSignup’s products. Recently, RunSignup’s Steve Bingham-Hawk chatted with Michelle Craske with Sommer Sports to get some inside scoop. For those of you not familiar with Sommer Sports, it is an established race management company located in Clermont, Florida. It’s founder, Fred Sommer, is highly regarded as one of the long-time substantial influencers of the triathlon industry and helped the industry transform throughout the years. He has also continued to stay abreast of changes in the industry to continue to provide a sought-after race experience. Fred has also been a valued customer of RunSignup and uses its many capabilities to support the events they manage and the participants and volunteers who take part in in them.

RaceDay Scoring for Multi-Sports Training

RaceDay Scoring for Multi-Sports: Timer Training The recorded training session below is for Timers using RaceDay Scoring to score events. It covers the basics on using RaceDay Scoring for multi-sport events, such as triathlons. The key topics covered included: Course Anatomy Start Time Options Relay Teams Top Finisher Categories Note that this session is ideal […]

USA Triathlon Ticket Socket Partnership

We have gotten some questions about USATriathlon promoting Ticket Socket. Two points. There is no obligation for a triathlon to switch from RunSignup to Ticket Socket. We continue to be the second largest provider of registration for triathlons after Active/Ironman. We continue to support the USAT API, and are collaborating with them on their new […]

USATriathlon Membership Delay Explanation

USATriathlon has an 8 hour delay built into their membership data. This means if an triathlete signs up for a membership on the USATriathlon site, it will take 8 hours until their membership number is available in other applications. This can cause frustration on the part of some triathletes who may be trying to sign […]

Along with the recently released BikeSignUp, we now offer TriSignUp branding for triathlon customers who want their signup to be specific to their type of event. Like with BikeSignUp, all races are listed on each iteration of the site (BikeSignUp, RunSignUp, TriSignUp, and SkiSignUp), and race directors can access all of their races from any […]

RaceJoy Releases Split Pace Alerts!

RaceJoy is rolling out split pace alerts for those using GPS-based progress alerts. RaceJoy’s progress alerts are typically issued at every mile for running and walking events and every five to 10 miles for cycling and longer distance events. The alerts include information like location, elapsed time, overall average pace, estimated finish time, and now, […]

USA Triathlon Membership Pricing Changes Coming

USA Triathlon has notified us of their plans to increase Membership Pricing effective January, 1, 2016. Our integration with USATriathlon will change effective that day as we.. Here is their notice: UPCOMING CHANGE For the first time in four years, USA Triathlon is increasing the adult annual membership fee $5, from $45 to $50, and […]

USA Triathlon Site Issues

THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN CLOSED. ALL SYSTEMS WORKING WELL. USA Triathlon is having intermittent issues with their infrastructure. For most USAT transactions this should not cause a problem because we batch transactions in the background. However, USAT Annual Members who are trying to enter their  membership ID may not be able to be validated. It […]

USAT Automated Waiver Enhancements

As every USA Triathlon race director knows, collecting Waivers is important (and a bit frustrating at times!). We have worked with USAT to further streamline and automate the process with the following additions: 1.  Forced Waiver Signature.  If this is combined with the option we have had for a while to only allow one registration […]

New Compressed Team Report for Triathlon Teams

We have added a new Compressed Team Report that is perfect for triathlon teams. It puts each team onto a separate line of a spreadsheet that you can export with the following information: Team Type Giveaway Bib Registration ID (I’m going this was the membership number) Waiver Accepted This is available from the Participants -> […]

USAT Outage – April 28

We received the following notification from USA Triathlon. This will obviously cause some issues and we are considering our options for during the outage and also trying to understand the implications for triathletes and race directors after the new membership system is installed. We are considering disabling all USAT registrations during their down time as […]

Unsigned USAT Waivers

We’ve heard a little confusion about the USA Triathlon Integration that we released in December.  To clarify the USAT mandated process (and how you may have ended up with unsigned waivers): Your athletes are prompted to sign the waiver within registration.  However, to comply with USAT requirements, there is also an option to sign the […]

USA Triathlon Integration Upgrade

We have worked with USA Triathlon to create a new and improved integrated registration process with USAT Membership management. This makes it simple for triathletes to sign up for a race and use or get a USAT membership. It also makes it simple for race directors to meet the reporting requirements of USAT. Here is […]

USA Triathlon 2014 Waivers

RunSignUp has implemented the latest USA Triathlon automated Insurance and Waiver validation. However, some Triathlons are waiting for more improvements in this automated system at USAT (which RunSignUp will implement as soon as available), and want to simply conform to the USAT Waiver requirements for online registration. RunSignUp has updated the USAT Waiver only process […]

May 2013 FIrst Tuesday Webinar – Running Clubs, USAT, Refunds

Our regular first Tuesday of the month webinar.  This month we spend a lot of time on the new release of Running Club membership management.  We also cover the USA Triathlon membership and insurance integration, as well as the enhanced features of Refunds for Race Directors. Running Clubs is at the start of the video, […]

May Newsletter

Running Clubs We have released our totally renewed and refurbished Running Club service just in time for the Road Runners Club of America Annual Conference.  This is a huge upgrade for all the clubs who currently use us and includes: New mobile-ready interface Multiple membership payment options – Months, Fiscal Year, Date Ranges, pro-rating Better […]

USA Triathlon Integration How-To

We recently released a tight integration with USA Triathlon to make it easy for USAT sanctioned races to provide insurance and membership coverage to their participants. Here is a quick overview video of the process and how Race Directors can set it up easily: Race Directors simply set the Membership Type to USAT and then […]

USA Triathlon Membership Integration Press Release

RunSignUp to Offer Real-Time USA Triathlon Membership Verification At Online Event Registration Customized platform to streamline process for participants and race directors RunSignUp is pleased to announce that it has streamlined its online event registration process by offering USA Triathlon membership verification in real time. This new technology allows athletes who are registering for sanctioned […]

RunSignUp USAT Triathlon Insurance

One of the big challenges Triathlons have is organizing USAT insurance for non-USAT members.  For those of you who are not familiar, USA Triathlon has a great insurance program for their members and races.  Members get insurance in all official USAT sanctioned events.  Non-Members must get a one day insurance for $12.  But collecting this […]