Reserved Entries for Teams

Reserved Team/Group EntriesWith the release of Teams 2.0, race directors can now set up reserved entries as well as set a total cap for the number of teams allowed.

The example on the right shows how a special reservation can be made for either a specific team or any team. A special URL is created that can be shared with an individual team or team member. This is useful for those cases where someone may have missed the cut off, but you need to let them sign up for the race and join a team.

The other common example is for Relay Races – such as a Triathlon Relay. Race Directors can specify in the team setup how many people are guaranteed a spot on each team – in this case 3. This will allow late entries to ensure each team is complete with 3 participants.

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 9.23.23 AM


Note this is separate from the number of total team entries, which is covered in the Teams 2.0 blog.

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