Group and Team Pricing

With the release of RunSignUp Teams 2.0, we have added a number of powerful options for pricing and packaging to help your race: Encourage more participants to sign up together at one time. Allow people to sign up separately and still be seen as a group or team. Encourage the size of teams and groups […]

USA Triathlon 2014 Waivers

RunSignUp has implemented the latest USA Triathlon automated Insurance and Waiver validation. However, some Triathlons are waiting for more improvements in this automated system at USAT (which RunSignUp will implement as soon as available), and want to simply conform to the USAT Waiver requirements for online registration. RunSignUp has updated the USAT Waiver only process […]

RunSignUp Timer Training in San Antonio

RunSignUp Timer Training in San Antonio You are invited to a free training session on RunSignUp in San Antonio – Sunday, January 19 from 11-3. This is conveniently located across the street from the ChronoTrack Conference in the Marriott Rivercenter. We will be announcing RunSignUp Go, the open alternative to Race Day that allows you to use […]

RunSignUp December Newsletter

Teams and Groups Encouraging Teams and Groups to come to your race is a great way to lift participation. There are lots of use cases: Triathlon Relay Team Competitive Teams Social Groups at a Color Run and many, many more… This month’s release of RunSignUp Teams 2.0 makes creating and joining teams a true Social Experience. Not […]

Playmakers Running Stores – How they Use RunSignUp

Playmakers is a group of running stores in Michigan, who also provide some race management services.  One of the key values they bring to their running community is a Running Calendar.  They are using RunSignUp technology to drive this.  Take a look and see if your running store might benefit as well – Here is […]

RunScore – RunSignUp Integration Manual

Alan Jones has written a new manual, complete with example scripts for RunScore users on how to integrate with RunSignUp. Download the RunScore and RunSignUp Integration Manual. This short and simple manual includes information on: Logging into RunSignUp from RunScore Download Event and Participant information from RunSignUp to RunScore Upload Participant information from RunScore to RunSignUp […]

Payment Gateway Problems

UPDATE:  THE ERROR HAS BEEN CORRECTED.  LOOKS LIKE WE IMPACTED REGISTRATION FOR ABOUT 2 HOURS. FULL REPORT LATER. POSTMORTEM: One of our employees was handling a support call when they inadvertently accessed a configuration page on our Administrative pages. They accidentally reset a merchant identifier parameter that is used to pass transactions to the credit […]

November 2013 Race Director Newsletter

Timer – Race Director Collaboration The key to a successful race is having great collaboration between the timer and the race director. Timers have a wealth of knowledge and experience since they work with dozens of races each year and know the best practices. The Race Director, which is one of the leading scoring and […]

Payment Gateway Outages

Over the past two weeks our Payment Gateway provider, Braintree, has had a couple of outages.  This impacted some users who were trying to pay. The first outage was on November 6 from 4:45-5:02 PM Eastern time. This outage was caused by network maintenance that impacted their database cluster.  During this time, no registrations were […]

Event Transfer Improvements

We released a new and improved version of Event-Event transfer this week. This was based on feedback from race directors and runners, and we figured out some ways to make it even simpler for runners and more powerful for race directors. Races can enable Event-Event transfer in the Participant Management section of the Dashboard. When […]

How To Update – Thanks Andrew & Ryan!

We are very fortunate to have Andrew Sigwart and Ryan Snell at RunSignUp!  They just pushed out a major set of updates to the How To page. This is incredibly important.  Making sure our system is easy to use and has the type of help people want is imperative.  And the incremental improvements they have […]

Registration Management Manual

In our continuing drive to have both video and written documentation of all features in RunSignUp, we have added the Registration Management Manual. This manual describes all of the things a runner or race director can do to manage the runner’s registration. RunSignUp Manual Registration Management It includes: How to View/Edit a Registration How to […]

Technology Partner Documentation

Update 2020: This program is no longer available. Technology partners can still use our open API. We now have the Technology Partner capabilities running in Production.  Technology Partners need to contact us to be set up. We are providing three new integration points for technology partners: Race Director Dashboard Add-On – this allows a Race Director […]

The Race Director – RunSignUp Integration

RunSignUp and The Race Director Offer Timers Full Life-Cycle Participant and Result Management Download and Sync Participant Information between RunSignUp and The Race Director at the click of a button Upload Results Automatically to either My-Finish and/or RunSignUp Results Nov. 5, 2013 – Moorestown, NJ and Fremont, MI – RunSignUp and The Race Director are […]

Setting Up Direct Payments for Multiple Race Organizers

We have made it simple for organizations putting on multiple races to make payments to a single bank account and sub-merchant ID. For a full background on Direct Payments, read this blog. You will be matching up two separate items when on you create a new race – Payment Information and Merchant Information. We show […]

Technology Partner Program

Update 2020: This program is no longer available. Technology partners can still use our open API. We have launched an enhanced Technology Partner Program. We have over a dozen applications that integrate with RunSignUp via our Open API. This new set of capabilities provides race directors and timers an even more integrated approach to using […]

Tech Notes – How to Integrate your App with the Club Member API

This is for advanced users who want to integrate an existing (or new) application with our Club API. The main purpose is for an application to sync data associated with members of a club with the external application. We are currently working with a club who uses a training application that needs to sync with […]

More Flexibility in Displaying Club Members

We have added some more options to the Information Sharing tab for Running Clubs. Clubs can now chose to have: No list of members List of Members by name (the first screen shot below) Search box to find members by entering a name (the second screen shot below) We find having a public listing is […]

Partner Financial Reports

One of the major features of RunSignUp is the ability for us to have Partners who help race directors with using the system. Our biggest set of partners are Timers, who use us for multiple races and enjoy the ability for them and the race director to collaboratively work on the race. This means things […]

Financial Reporting for Races – Complete Guide

The Financial Summary page contains both a high level snapshot of the finances for your race, as well as a number of ways to drill down into the data.  We also try to provide Spreadsheet downloads that are helpful for reconciling. This blog post will cover everything from top to bottom. Here is a video, […]

Edit Questions Responses

We have now added the ability for runners and race directors to easily edit the responses to Custom Questions that are asked during registration. This is particularly useful for races, clubs and other technology partners who need to keep accurate information over a period of time, or are feeding other important databases and applications. NOTE: […]

Even More Customized Questions

We have extended the ability to ask Custom Questions during registration to ask for specific types of information: Date Phone Number EMail Address Whole Number Positive Whole Number Decimal Number This assures that when a runner is answering a question, they fill in the right type of information. The Date Function is nice because it […]

Full Transaction Detail Feature

We now offer the ability to click on a transaction id and see the details behind the entire transaction. This allows race directors to see all registrations that were registered together as well as any donations and additional purchases. Clicking on the transaction id shows you full details of the entire transaction. The RunSignUp team […]

Time Formatted Custom Questions

We have added a time format for custom questions. This is very useful for races asking for an estimated finish time. Just click the new button as in the example on the right. This will automatically insert the question into the registration with all the formatting and validation (you can’t enter 17:89). This is what […]