How To Update – Thanks Andrew & Ryan!

How ToWe are very fortunate to have Andrew Sigwart and Ryan Snell at RunSignUp!  They just pushed out a major set of updates to the How To page.

This is incredibly important.  Making sure our system is easy to use and has the type of help people want is imperative.  And the incremental improvements they have made over the past year are tremendous. There are five key things they have done:

  • More Videos! We have over 50 now for those who prefer to watch rather than read.
  • RunSignUp ManualsReal Manuals! We now have manuals that cover most of the system for those who prefer to read rather than watch. And we have tied them to the videos.
  • Reorganization. The menu items have been reorganized to make things easier to find. And it is all Mobile Friendly with a modern Responsive Design.
  • Search. You can enter in a search term across the videos and blog to get help on what you need to find.
  • Help. Yes, almost every page for runners and race directors now has a convenient link to the Help topic for that particular page they are on.

This all adds up to providing our customers with the help they need to make registration for races easy!

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