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Alan Jones Sells RunScore

As anyone who follows RunSignup knows, we are huge fans of Alan Jones - naming an annual Timing Award after him to be handed out at our annual Symposium. We are very happy for him, as he has decided to sell RunScore. RunScore was first released 36 years ago, and for many years was the... Continue Reading →

RunScore Improves RunSignUp Integration

RunScore has made the following improvements (copy and pasted from the RunScore Support Group): RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.07.10 *Eric Kramer requested integrating the Corral Wave field. This is now being downloaded in the API and is available to map to a RunScore field you would define locally. * Greg McCormick requested that he be... Continue Reading →

RunScore at the RunSignUp Symposium

This year's RunScore Session at the Timer Day of the RunSignUp Symposium is being led by super-user, Steve Stone of Best Times. Steve is putting together his presentation, and wanted to share his preliminary plan - and get any feedback from attendees about additional topics that they want to cover. The presentation will support two... Continue Reading →