RunScore Improves RunSignUp Integration

runscore_4RunScore has made the following improvements (copy and pasted from the RunScore Support Group):

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.07.10

*Eric Kramer requested integrating the Corral Wave field. This is now being downloaded in the API and is available to map to a RunScore field you would define locally.

* Greg McCormick requested that he be able to change an entrant’s event in RunScore and have it reflected to that entry at the RunSignUp database. This is implemented so that all you have to do is right-click on the “event name” field and select, from the menu, “Change event”. You’ll be presented with a list of the events so you can pick the new one.

* Craig Chiger was having phone numbers like “+1 123-456-7890” showing up in the RunSignUp database. The “+1” is the U.S. country code. He wanted a way to eliminate the “+1”. It was suggested that he make the field right-justified and set the length of the field to 12. However, the phone number was truncated at the right. Therefore, a change was made to truncate on the left.

* Greg McCormick had one event whose results could not be uploaded to RunSignUp. It turns out one First Name field had the & character in it. Tech support at RunSignUp advised us to encode the data so it can handle special characters. That has been done and has solved the problem.

* Eric Kramer requested that downloads from RunSignUp support corral assignments.

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