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Import Giveaways

You can now import Giveaways like you can Custom Questions. This is initiated by going to the Giveaway dashboard page and clicking on the Import Action: You should have a comma-separated value (CSV) file including participant's giveaway assignments. The CSV should contain two columns, including Registration ID and Assignment headings, with the second row containing... Continue Reading →

Choose Your Own “Giveaway” Name

We've had feedback that some races do not like the term "Giveaway". You now have an option for setting the name so it appears on the Menu as well as the Page. The setting is under Participant Management:   Participants will see this in their Participant Management page:

Giveaways During Transfers

During event and participant (bib) transfers, if the original runner had a Large Shirt reserved and there is no more inventory of Large, the person they are transferring to can claim that Large shirt now. Previously, it showed the size as being sold out. This also works for people transferring from say the Marathon to... Continue Reading →