Sponsor Rewards and Gift Certificates

RewardsSome race sponsors want a way to distribute special gift certificates or rewards. We recently had a race in Colorado that is closely linked with a store that is giving gift certificates to the first 50 participants in each event. The purpose is to increase store traffic and drive early registrations.

Rewards Code in Confirmation PageRunSignUp now provides a mechanism to upload a set of codes that are then distributed to each runner who signs up. The code is included in the Confirmation page as well as the confirmation email.

There are a number of ways this can be used in addition to packaging it as a gift certificate. It might be a give away (like a free pair of running socks in a running store). It might be used for a coupon to a training class. You could even hand out RunSignUp Coupons for another race or training class or club that is using RunSignUp. This would be a nice way for two races to collaborate with each publicizing the other race.

Note that you can upload specific codes for each event, as this race did with increasingly large gift certificates for the different race events. You can also customize what the reward is called, as well as the instructions for the reward. This is set up on the Rewards page:

Gift Certificate & Reward Setup


The other way to do this is with our partner, Virtual Event Bags. They allow for multiple offers from multiple sponsors, although does not currently have the advantage of a closely tied mechanism during race sign up.


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