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Infrastructure Upgrade

Over the past couple of weeks the RunSignup and GiveSignup infrastructure has gone thru a large upgrade. The good news is that there has been no downtime! Also, the site speed has increased a bit as well and just squeaked under 2 seconds last week when there were over 5 Million Pageviews, even though speed... Continue Reading →

2018 Availability Report

Knock on wood, but it was the third year in a row with 100% uptime - zero downtime. We actually just completed a migration to the newest version of PHP that as you can see from the graph below saved about 15-20 milliseconds: We had several highlights from the year on the positive side: Major... Continue Reading →

Daily Payment Delay

Our Processor for Advanced Payment accounts (Vantiv, now Worldpay) had an incident impacting transaction settlement and the funding instruction reports for Tuesday 11/27/2018 that resulted in us being unable to execute funding instructions for transactions processed on that date. This caused a skipped payment on 11/28/2018 for daily payment customers. Payments resumed as normal on... Continue Reading →

Monthly Server Updates

As we've discussed before, part of being PCI Level 1 Compliant is doing monthly updates to our infrastructure. This involves upgrades and updates and patches to the operating systems and other core pieces like NGINX and Apache servers. This month we also did an upgrade to the latest version of the Aurora Database on Amazon.... Continue Reading →

Big Mess Up

Soooo, we messed up.  A large marathon used our email system to send out pre-race information emails. One of the cool features of our CRM-driven email is that you can put "tags" into an email and they populate from the database automatically.  Pretty cool. Except when there is a miscommunication and two of the tags... Continue Reading →

Infrastructure Updates

We have been doing a number of infrastructure updates over the past few weeks to improve availability, increase performance and assure security. For example, there was a major Amazon AWS outage on September 5 that took out the SQS queuing service for 1 hour and 40 minutes. Most other registration companies were offline, but our... Continue Reading →

More Performance Improvements –

We have released a number of performance improvements that make the RunSignUp site faster, especially for mobile users. The overall average page has dropped from about 2.5 seconds to 2.2 seconds, with sub-second response on modern computers and mobile phones with fast internet access. Every 6 months we take a look at how we can... Continue Reading →

Performance Improvements – 40 milliseconds!

We are in the midst of some infrastructure improvements. This is split among a variety of improvements - performance, security, maintainability, availability, and staying on the most current technology. We did a set of improvements in our caching and server connections that improved the core response time of a race page load from 140 milliseconds... Continue Reading →

Vantiv Transaction Problems

One of our payment providers, Vantiv, had a full outage on Saturday morning from 6:48AM until 7:52AM Eastern. This impacted any registrations that were for races that used that back end payment processing. People trying to register during this time saw an error message and hopefully tried again later in the day. We are working... Continue Reading →